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Alberta Selects - Travel Ball Opportunity

Most of the players who try out for the our Spring/Summer league wish to make it on one of our two travel teams, the Regional Team and the World Series Team. They are additional teams to the regular season that have extra weekly practices as well as 3 different tournaments in the States. The first two tournaments occur as prep tournaments to prepare for the final tournaments being either the Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament or the Cal Ripken World Series, depending on the team made.

The highlight of the season for players who make the Regional Team will be at the end of July where they will represent Alberta at the PNW Regional tournament in Meridian, Idaho. The best teams in the PNW region will face off for the chance to move on to represent the PNW region at the Cal Ripken Majors 70 World Series in Branson, Missouri.

The final tournament for players who make the World Series Team will hold the great honor of representing Canada in the international division at the Cal Ripken Majors 70 World Series in Branson, Missouri. This tournament is the pinnacle of the program and what most players are striving towards during their time with us. Here is where they will play against the absolute best players in the world for their age group, a fantastic experience that broadens their perspectives and standards for what is truly possible through the sport.

Players who wish to make one of our Alberta Selects travel teams, must first be accepted into our spring/summer program.

  • Tryouts will be held mid March to early April following approximately 6 weeks of indoor development.
  • 2 teams will be selected: Pacific Northwest Regional Team and Cal Ripken World Series Team
  • Selects Teams will have extra practices and games with their respective travel teams
  • Teams will attend tournaments in the Pacific Northwest Region of Canada and the USA
  • Extra fees apply for Alberta Select Teams.

Some feedback from parents of kids who have attended the Cal Ripken World Series in the past couple of years:

"The opportunity to attend the Cal Ripken World Series and represent Canada was a once in a lifetime experience for our son. The facilities, the chance to make friends from all over the world, and the ability to play a live, televised game with broadcasters is something most kids will never get to experience. Our baseball player still tells stories about his interactions with other countries players and how much fun he had. Ballparks of America, Cal Ripken and our coaches made the 10 days there a summer that he will never forget."
-Alberta Cal Ripken Parent

“Seeing my sons not only compete, but also create friendships with some of the best talent from all over the world was a dream come true.”
-Alberta Cal Ripken Parent