Bengies Chase Soccer
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Birth Date Range:
U10 - Boys/Girls - 8 and 9 year olds (age determination is based on birth year, so if child is turning 8 or 9 this year they will play U10. If they are turning 10, they will move on to an older age group.

These two age groups are still considered fundamental stage of soccer development, although slightly more intense and structured with higher level of competition. It is an upmost importance to understand the player centric approach in coaching, regardless if it is parent coach or licensed non-parent coach. U10 groups are finally separated into their own genders and compete with peers not only on their age and physical levels, but also are in line with emotional development and physiological attributes. In the player-centric approach we teach players to train instead of practice, and start to develop their own idea of what they like in the game and increase their field IQ, or self awareness on the filed, which strengthens their confidence and continually improve their ball skills in game situations. U10 is essentially a dawn of tactics, where players recognize that playing the ball with partners wins games, and start to understand how to conserve energy through application of tactical ideals.

Games are played in the same structure as U8, on same size field. As we are playing EASL league, we conform to their rules, but increase to size #4 ball, as well as increase in speed and intensity of the game is also fun and appealing to boys and girls in these age groups. Games in EASL for these age groups are 25/30 minutes, 8v8 with two officials.