Bengies Chase Soccer
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Birth Date Range: 4 to 5 years old Age determination is as of January, so every child turning 4 this year may register and every child turning 6 this year will move on to an older group.
Description: Under 6 year old clinics are structured around having fun with soccer. Environment in which youngest kids get to explore and improve their basic movement abilities, while starting to explore their soccer skills is the best for this age group. It is not competition free, as even the youngest of us love to compete, but we encourage fun and friendly environment where kids can just run around with the ball and learn how to find themselves on the pitch.

Games: Games are in small sided, 5v5 or 6v6 ... Small sided means that games are played on a small custom soccer field, with miniature goals. They are led with an idea, that kids just want to go to the ball and kick it forward to the opposite goal - and that is perfect start!
Practices: Coaches will lead practices in a format of fun and exploring soccer. Below are some examples of skill and drill techniques, which will give the youngest players a good start and base for future, more advanced age groups.