Bengies Chase Soccer
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I registered and my kiddo is waitlisted ... what now?

Now you wait for more information from us. We appreciate your patience and will work hard to place as many kiddos on teams as possible and as soon as are able. Please register for wait lists though, as we only can expand teams as we see interest. Lack of wait listed players hurts your chances of being assigned to a team.

My child has pre-existing health condition, can they register?

We are not medical professionals and that advice should probably come from a family physician. We encourage everyone to make best informed decision on their own and with safety in mind, consider not registering, if you have even the slightest worry about your child's safety and health.

I would like my child to play age group up, can we do that?

Normally yes ... under most circumstances. Unfortunately limited spots driven by the pandemic guidelines and our continuous efforts to keep every health consideration, we had to restrict that. We will still consider it, at the end of the registrations for some participants, only if there are free spaces in age groups requested. We are trying our best to give an ability of playing to those, who are within the age group range first. Also, U14 and u18-HS age groups are pretty much restricted to their actual age as the play up age based exceptions are limited to two participants per team and are unlikely to be approved due to safety. Thanks for understanding.

Who will be our coach?

Whomever volunteers. We are a recreational program, so it will most likely be a parent to one of the participant. All coaches at Bengies Chase are volunteers.

When will be the practices be and where.

Where? Oliver Beach Elementary School Gym for U8-U12 age groups. U14 and up do not practice during indoor season.
When? Depending on coach's availability, so count on Monday-Friday after 6PM, 7PM or 8PM. U6 Clinic will practice and play at ERP and possibly Stembridge Rec center on Sunday mornings, any time between 9AM and 1PM.