Bengies Chase Soccer
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Birth Date Range:
6 and 7 year olds

Age determination is based on birth year, so every child turning 6 or 7 this year may register and every child turning 8 this year will move on to an older group.

U8 is a beginner level competition based program, specifically intended to introduce our young soccer players to more structured soccer training routines, as well as more disciplined and increasingly more difficult and competitive games. A lot of 5 year olds that maybe "outgrew" clinic level are ready to participate in this age group as well, and they receive additional support from coaches, parents and teammates to advance faster. This is a Co-Ed group with both boys and girls playing on same teams. 

Games are also small sided 7v7 - 25min x2 halves on small fields, with youth size goals. Games are led with an ideas of moving the ball using basic tactical structures, as well as safe and fun competition in mind. Games are refereed, dynamic and perfect to learn how to move on the field, improve positional awareness and develop new team based skills on the pitch.

Coaches will continue the practices in a format of fun and exploring soccer, however you can expect increase in structure, teamwork, higher level skill and drill training as well as mini games. Below are some examples of skill and drill techniques for U8 groups, which will give these beginner youth players a perfectly balanced experience of fun and learning soccer.