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Tournament Rules

U15 CONTACT tournament.

This tournament is a Hockey Manitoba sanctioned tournament and follows Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba rules governing minor hockey.

Teams/Players must be an approved Hockey Canada Roster. The roster for the team for the first game of the tournament will be the official roster for the team for the remaining games of the tournament. If teams are from outside Manitoba, official rosters and travel permits must be provided.

Equipment: All players MUST be wearing a mouth guard and neck guard. Officials will be checking prior to each game. Players without mouth guards and neck guards, will not be permitted on the ice.

Teams are guaranteed 3 games

Game Starts: The intent is to start all games at the posted time. If adjustments are required, teams will be notified. Teams must be prepared to start their game 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Pre-Game Warm-up: Teams will be allowed a 2-minute warm up at the beginning of each game. Warm up pucks will be provided.

After each game: At the end of each game, players will shake hands and then all players must line up on their blue line for Player of the Game Awards. Please have your teams remain on the ice until referees pprovide instruction.

Ice floods will occur every two periods on Friday and Saturday’s games. You may start your game right after the last one or have fresh ice. That said you may have an ice cleaning after the first period of your game. Sundays games will have regular ice cleanings at the start and after the second period.

Game Duration:  All games will be 3- 15 minute stop time periods with the exception of Sunday’s Championship game which will be 2- 15 minute periods and a 20 minute 3rd period.  Run time may be used in order to maintain our schedule.

A winner will be declared in all tournament games. No game shall end in a tie. See “Overtime Rules” below. Should a team have a lead of 7 or more goals at any time during the game, run time shall apply. Should the losing team cut the lead back down to 6 goals, the game will revert back to stop time.

The home team shall wear DARK colors.

Each team will be allowed one (1) 30 second time-out per game.

Penalties will be assessed by the refs.

The referee’s decisions are final in all matters pertaining to rule interpretations, assessments of penalties and awarding of goals and assists.

There will be zero tolerance regarding referees. Any arguing, yelling or abuse of any kind towards officials or score/timekeepers will result in immediate ejection from the game, and potentially the tournament. This includes bench staff as well as parents.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Regulation Win = 3 points
  • OT/Shootout Win = 2 points
  • OT/Shootout Loss = 1 point Regulation
  • Loss = 0 points

Placement of teams tied in standings after round robin will be determined in the following order:

  • Winner of the game between the 2 tied teams
  • Best win record overall
  • Best Goal Differential (GF – GA)
  • Least goals against
  • Least number of total penalty minutes
  • If still tied after all above, the winner will be decided by a single coin toss.

Overtime Rules: A winner will be declared in all tournament games. Overtime will consist of a four-minute run-time period with teams playing 3 on 3.   Should the game still be tied the game will proceed to a three round shootout, and if still not resolved a sudden death shootout. No player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot. The championship games will consist of 2- 5 minute run time 3 on 3 periods, followed by the 3 round shootout and sudden death shootout as needed.

 Penalties During Overtime

  1. Penalties from regulation play will run over to the first OT period. Teams will play 4 on 3 for the duration of the penalty. Once the penalty is served, play will continue as 4 on 4 until a stoppage, at which point 1 player from each team will be removed from the ice and play will continue as 3 on 3.

  2. A one player advantage in any 3 on 3 OT period, will be played as 4 on 3.

  3. A two-player advantage in any OT period, will be played as 5 on 3.  Once
    the penalty is served, play will continue until a whistle- at which time any extra players will be removed from the ice and the game will continue as 3 on 3 

At the conclusion of the game all players will shake hands and then line up on their blue line for Player of the Game Awards. Player of the Game shall be decided by the tournament committee. Player of the Game Awards will be given ON ICE. Time Keepers will have all Player of the Game Awards and no player shall be chosen twice during the tournament weekend.

Championship Banner Presentations will occur after the Gold and Bronze Medal games only.