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Team Staff

All teams must have at least 1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant Coach, 1 Manager and 1 safety.

If you are interested in being a member of team staff for Ste Anne Minor Hockey, please sign up: CLICK HERE!

All Coaches and Bench Staff must have the required coaching levels by December 1st of the current season. In addition, you will also be required to submit an application for a Child Abuse Registry check. An SAMH board member will be in contact with all team staff to coordinate the submission of the check. There is no cost for the Child Abuse Registery check when it is completed through Ste Anne Minor Hockey.


We allow 1 Head Coach and up to 3 Assistant Coaches per team. In addition to these positions your manager and safety person can participate on the ice and bench if they have their required coaching levels.

Only those registered on your official team roster can participate on the ice.

For more information on required levels for coaches, please visit the following site at:

Manager and Safety roles

For information on requirements for the Manager and Safety roles, please visit the following site at:

How are coaches and bench staff selected?

Once teams are formed, a list of coaches who have volunteered will be reviewed. If only one volunteer for Head Coach is available they will be assigned as the head coach.

In signing up to express interest in coaching you have the option to select that you will be a head coach only if no one else volunteers, please be advised if you select this option you will not be considered further if another individual volunteers for the Head Coach position. You would be considered for an assistant coach position based on the information below.

If multiple individuals volunteer as Head Coach, they will be allowed to discuss amongst themselves to determine who will take the Head Coach role. If they cannot make a decision amongst themselves a team vote will take place under the direction of a member of the Ste Anne Minor Hockey Board. The vote will allow each person to make a speech, and take questions from the team, followed by a simple majority vote through an anonymous ballot.

Once the head coach has been assigned they will be able to select their assistant coaches, manager and safety person. They must first exhaust the volunteer list provided to them from the Ste Anne Minor Hockey Board.