Hockey Manitoba Return to Play


  1. Effective September 28th, 2020, players, coaches, staff, volunteers, spectators, and officials will be required to wear face masks in facilities where Hockey Manitoba - sanctioned activities take place.  Players and officials are not required to wear face masks while onthe ice engaging in physical activity but are required to wear face masks in the dressing room prior to getting on the ice.  Team officials, including coaches are required to wear face masks while on the bench. Hockey Manitoba - sanctioned events include all games, practices, team/parent meetings and local association meetings. 
  2. For the 2020-2021 season, EVERY team in Manitoba is required to appoint a Communications Officer who will be responsible for ensuring all individuals in and around the team are equipped with updated and relevant information regarding the COVID-19 health crisis.  This appointed individual is ideally a parent volunteer OR a team staff member and is responsible for monitoring all relevant updates from the public health authorities and Hockey Manitoba.

For more information on Hockey Manitoba's Return to Play Plan and the duties of the Communications Officer, please visit



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