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Volleyball Yukon Championships 2023
Friday March 30 - Sunday April 2
Canada Games Centre

Instructions from Volleyball Yukon:

First, find the Division/pool you are in,  then find your team identifier number. ( ie:  C3). All the teams in your pool will be identified by a specific color. Then, when you go to the schedule, first look for your color, then you can find all your games. Generally,  adults play Friday night, Youth play on Saturday ( and some adults) and playoffs are on Sunday.

Besides the schedule, here are some things you will need to know: Due to the number of teams we have (32)   there have to be A LOT of games. In order to make the schedule work, matches have been scheduled every hour.  In order to make sure we do not run behind, all round robin matches will be 2 sets.  Standings will be based on the number  of sets won during the round robin. Ties will be broken by best points for/points against ratio between the tied teams first, then overall. All Playoffs will be best two of three

All teams must provide 1 scorekeeper and 1 linesperson for their match.  Often, this will be a parent. If some parents are travelling with teams, this will be a good opportunity to practice scorekeeping.

If you don't already have an active Volleyball Yukon/Volleyball Canada membership (required to participate in Yukon Championships) please use this link to purchase a 'Youth Development Player' membership ($11) - LINK

Subzero Teams for Yukon Championships - if you're not sure which team you are on, please check here.

Divisions and Pools

Friday Schedule


Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

Finals Brackets: