Subzero Volleyball Club
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Subzero's 2024 Club Schedule 

View the TeamLink scheduler at the bottom of this page (scheduling in progress). 

Individual training sessions are uploaded into your TeamLinkt app under Schedule.  Please update your Availability regularly.

This schedule is subject to change, based on gym availability.  

Age Group

Practice 1

Practice 2

Practice 3


13U Girls

Saturday 9 - 10:30am (St. Francis - coed)

Tuesday 5 - 6:30pm (JHES small gym)  


Frédérique Janvier-Crête

Mia Ouellette

13U Boys Saturday 9 - 10:30am (St. Francis - coed) Thursday 6 - 8pm (GHES) n/a

Jeremy Staveley

Martin Turpin

14U Girls

Saturday 6 - 8pm (PCSS) Sunday 2 - 4pm (PCSS) Potentially added after Spring Break

Chad Brassard

Josh Wilcox

Natasha Bilodeau 

14U Boys

Friday 5 - 7 (Yukon U: Jan-March & Wednesday 5 - 6:30pm (SES: April-May) Saturday 3 - 5pm (Yukon U: Jan-March & Saturday 9 - 10:30am (St. Francis small: April-May) Potentially added after Spring Break

Anthony Grottoli

Krish Sharma

Leian Evalarosa

Peter Jacob

15U Girls

Saturday 10:30 - noon (St. Francis) Sunday (3:30 - 5:30pm (FHC) *Tuesday 8:15 - 9:45pm (St. Francis Jan-March (optional)  

Meghann Morrison

Sean McCarron

Steven Domingo

15U Boys

Tuesday 7 - 9pm (Yukon U) Thursday 5 - 7 pm (FHC) Potentially added after Spring Break

Andrie Regis

Colin Teramura

Emiko Teramura

Nathan Bingham 

16U Girls

Thursday 5 - 6:30pm (SES)  Sunday 4 - 6pm (PCSS)  

Isabel Magsucang

Julie Warren

16U Boys

Monday 5 - 6:30pm (SES) Jan-March 4

Monday 6 - 8 pm (PCSS) March 25 - May

Saturday 12:30 - 2pm (CGC Front/Middle) Friday 8 - 10pm Games (PCSS: Apr/May)

Caroline Holway

Sebastian Tajonera

17U Girls

Monday 8 - 10pm (Yukon U: Jan-March & 7 - 9pm HFES: April-May) Wednesday 7:30 - 9:30 (Yukon U: Jan-March & 7 - 9pm HFES: April/May)  Potentially added after Spring Break

Hayli Deans

Tonja Hinchey

17U Boys Wednesday 8 - 10pm PCSS

Sunday 4 - 6pm, Yukon U (Jan-Mar)

Sundays 4-6pm PCSS (April/May)

Friday 8-10pm (PCSS: Apr/May

Frank Oblak 

Nathan Bingham

Taylor Phillips

*18U Boys  Thursday 7 - 9pm (Yukon U: Jan-March & FHC: Apr/May)

Saturday 2 - 3:30 (CGC Front/Middle) 


Wednesday 7 - 9pm (FHC: Apr/May)

Friday 8-10pm (PCSS: Apr/May


Caroline Holway

Edouard Belanger

Jeffrey McLean

Tanner Cassidy

Note - Subzero has done it's best to schedule around the limited gym space available through the City of Whitehorse and Yukon U.  We thank you for understanding.  An updated schedule will be available in the TeamLinkt app, or see the schedule drop-down below.

Note - Teams may opt to add a third practice time after Spring Break in the lead-up to Provincials/Nationals.

*Note - The 18U boys cohort will include up to four 19U athletes.

FHC - F. H. Collins Secondary School

GHES - Golden Horn Elementary School

HFES - Holy Family Elementary School

JHES - Jack Hulland Elementary School

PCSS - Porter Creek Secondary School

SES - Selkirk Elementary School

To view the schedule for a particular team, select Age Division and team from the drop-downs, and then click 'View' 


Date Time Type Home Away Location