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For the 2023 season, Subzero will be running a competitive beach program. We are looking for athletes with previous beach experience and/or a high level of athleticism and coachability. Thank you to all athletes who expressed interest. The club has reviewed the forms and invited 14U - 16U athletes to register. Unfortunately, we had more youth players interested than we are able to accomodate this summer based on coach and court availability.  The 17+ Adult Category is still open.  Please contact the club for more information.  


Yukon's longest running and only year-round volleyball club is gearing up to offer it's summer beach programming for the fourth year in a row! Our beach season for 14U-16U runs from June 15 to August 17 and will be comprised of two 5-week sessions. The 17+ Adult group will run from May 31 to August 16.

In 2023, we will be running sessions at the newly renovated Rotary Park Beach Courts as well as the new VY courts behind CSSC Mercier in Riverdale.

Age Groups:
Subzero will run the following age groups:                                                        
- 14/15U

- 16U
- 17+ Adults
All groups are coed.


Group      Days/Times
14/15U - Rotary                Tuesdays 3:00-4:15pm
Thursdays 3:00-4:45pm
16U- Rotary Tuesdays 4:15-5:30pm 
Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm
17+ Adults - Mercier Wednesdays 7:00-10:00pm (7:30-10:00pm May 31 to June 14). Mondays will be added if there is sufficient interest. 


Cost: Registration for each 5-week session is $75. Registration for 17+ Adult group is $125 (12 weeks).

Online Store:
Subzero will run our Online Beach Store through Volleyballstuff at the beginning of the season, offering shorts, Ts, tanks, and other beach gear.

We will hold a minimum of two beach tournaments with the possibility of additional beach tournaments and game nights throughout the summer.  Confirmed Tournament Dates:  July 8 (Carcross - Youth), July 30 (Whse - Youth), and August 27 (Carcross - Adults). 

Volleyball Yukon will also be hosting the Yukon Beach Volleyball Championships August 12-13 in Whitehorse. Additional info here.

Subzero SAND SLAM - July 30​​​​​​
Subzero Volleyball Club will be holding it's Youth Beach Tournament #2, the SAND SLAM, on Sunday, July 30, 2023, in Whitehorse (location TBA).  The maximum number of teams per division is 5.

Please register as a team of two and enter your team mate's name when prompted. 
This tournament is open to all Yukon beach players on a first come first served basis with registered Subzero beach players receiving the first option to register (one week before making the Event public).  If both you and your partner are currently registered in Subzero beach volleyball, your tournament entry is free of charge (included in your beach registration fee). If you would like to bring a partner who is not currently registered with Subzero, the cost is $10.  For other beach teams, there is a $20 cost.

The tournament will run from 10am to 5pm at the Rotary beach courts.  Depending on the number of teams registered, we have additional time available to finish playoffs. Please bring a lunch, snacks and water and be prepared for the weather.  

Subzero SAND SLAM Youth Tournament #2 - Schedule
    Whitehorse, YT    
    Sunday July 30, 2023    
Version 1 - 27-07-23
  Pool A   Pool B  
  1. Dinn/McCarron   1. McCarron/Murray  
  2. Lopez/Zaiden   2. Castroverde/Magsucang  
  3. Johnson/Ryckman   3. Morrison/Parry  
  4. Bingham/Guilbeault   4. Sharma/Tajonera  
  5. Fick/de Jager   5. Milford/Wu  
      6. Guilbeault/Racine  
Sunday Times Rotary Peace Park  (Court 1 - closest to parking lot) Sunday Times
Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
10:00 B1-B2 (A1) B6-B3 (A2) B5-B4 (A3) 10:00
10:25 A5-A2 (B1) A4-A3 (B2)   10:25
10:50 B1-B6 (A4) B5-B2 (A5) B4-B3 (A1) 10:50
11:15 A4-A1 (B3) A3-A2 (B4)   11:15
11:40 B1-B5 (A2) B4-B6 (A3) B3-B2 (A4) 11:40
12:05 A3-A5 (B5) A2-A1 (B6)   12:05
12:30 B1-B4 (A5) B3-B5 (A1) B2-B6 (A2) 12:30
12:55 A2-A4 (B1) A1-A5 (B2)   12:55
1:20 B1-B3 (A3) B2-B4 (A4) B6-B5 (A5) 1:20
1:45 A1-A3 (B3) A5-A4 (B4)   1:45
2:15 C1 D1 D2 2:15
3:00 C2 C3 D3 3:00
3:45 C4 C5 D4 3:45
4:15 D6 D7 D5 4:15
All teams must check-in at 9:15 am and attend players meeting at 9:30am.  
Pool Play matches are one set to 28 (switch every 7); Playoffs are best 2/3 (21, 21, 15) switch every 7, 5 (tie breaker set).
Scorekeeping team in parenthesis.  One player flips cards and one player fills in the score sheet.  Please help out where you can for the playoff games.
Winners must report the scores to the Subzero designate under the shelter.    
All games will be self officiated!      

Note: Your Pool # was based on your registration date.

  Subzero SAND SLAM Pool A Playoffs  
      1st in A            
  4th in A     C3          
  5th in A         C5      
              1st Place    
      2nd in A            
      3rd in A            
              3rd Place    
Subzero SAND SLAM Pool B Playoffs
        1st in B          
    4th in B     D3        
    5th in B              
    3rd in B           1st Place  
    6th in B     D4        
        2nd in B          
LC1           LC3      
  D5           D6    
    5th Place           3rd Place  
LC2           LC4      


Out-of-territory Travel: Subzero will also offer registration to Volleyball BC and/or Volleyball AB Youth Beach Provincials (14U - 18U), as well as Volleyball Canada Youth Beach Nationals (14U - 16U).

Registration is by invitation only, as we have more players interested in playing than we can accommodate with the court time and coaches we have available. All players are also required to have a valid Volleyball Canada/Volleyball Yukon membership (all club players will have this already). If you do not have a VC/VY membership, please purchase one here.
Registration links (invite code required - contact

 - 14/15U Session 1
 - 14/15U Session 2
 - 16U Session 1
 - 16U Session 2

 - 17+ Adult group

Here's a video explaining the biggest difference between beach and  indoor OVA Tips: Beach vs. Indoor.