Subzero Volleyball Club
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The 2024 Club season starts the week of January 8th. Following is everything you need to know for Club Season.

Club Handbook
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Team Selection
For the 13U age group, there is no team selection and registration is on a first come, first served basis.

For the 14U-18U age groups, team selection is as follows:
   1) At the coaches' discretion some returning players may be invited to take part in an early registration period (November 2023) 
   2) Coaches will then use the Club Opener/ID Camp to identify players to fill the remaining spots on their teams. 

Please note, participation in the Club Opener/ID Camp is mandatory for all players who would like to play on a 14U-18U Subzero club team during the 2024 season. For more information please visit our 2023-2024 Club Openers and ID Camp page.


- Players identified for early registration will receive an email inviting them to register for a club team during the early registration period.
- For those not identified for early registration, email invitations will be sent out shortly after the Club Openers/ID Camps.

13U players will have an open registration process. Registration for 13U is now open.Registration Link

The cost of participation during the Subzero Club Season is as follows:

Age Group





Club fee. Includes jersey and warm up shirt



Club fee. Includes jersey and warm up shirt; all 14U players are required to have a new jersey, as the 13U jersey is different so cannot be reused in subsequent seasons



Base fee. Includes warm-up shirt only



Jersey fee. Returning players in 15U-18U have the option to reuse their 2023 jersey providing it is still in good condition. They may also opt to purchase a new jersey ($75) if they like.


$45 (optional)

Volunteer fee. Subzero Volleyball Club relies on parent volunteers and each family is asked to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours to the club. Recognizing that families are busy, we are providing the option for families to pay an additional $45 if they do not want/are not able to put any volunteer time into the club.


Not included

the cost of travel to outside tournaments is not included in Subzero Club fees. Players can expect to pay between $800-$1100 (estimate) for outside travel, depending on location, timing, and length of the trip.

VY/VC membership


$59 Required by Volleyball Yukon and Volleyball Canada for all club players except 13U. The $11 VY/VC 'Youth Development' membership required to participate in the Subzero Club Opener is deducted from this cost, so there is an additional cost of $48 to upgrade to a competitive membership.  


What does the Subzero Club Season look like?
Below are Season Overviews for each Subzero club team. They lay out the vision for the season for each team including practice times, coaching staff, local and outside tournaments, travel team selection, team goals etc.


Club Schedule 2024