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Gear up for the softball spectacle of the year!

The Liberty Classic: Battle for the Beach is about to storm the sands of Huntington Beach, California, at the iconic Huntington Beach Sports Complex. On June 15-16, witness the clash of titans, the thrill of competition, and the pure essence of Surf & Sun Softball at its zenith. It's not just a tournament; it's a battle for supremacy, a celebration of skill, and an unforgettable weekend that promises to make waves. Save the date, rally your team, and get ready to leave your mark in the Battle for the Beach—it's game time!

Ready to seize the glory?

Registration for the Liberty Classic: Battle for the Beach is now open, offering teams the chance to conquer the sands in various divisions, including Open A, Open B, Open C, Open D, Open E, Women's+ C, and Women's+ D. Secure your spot for this epic showdown by submitting your registration fee of $550. Conveniently pay with Venmo (@surfandsunsoftball), ensuring a hassle-free process.

Don't miss your opportunity to be part of the Battle for the Beach — REGISTER HERE and let the games begin!



Your tournament adventure begins here!

Teams are rallying for the Battle for the Beach, and the roster of registered contenders is growing stronger each day! Join the ranks of fierce competitors in the Liberty Classic—register your team now and become a part of the softball saga set to unfold at Huntington Beach Sports Complex on June 15-16.



  • Aberration, San Diego, CA 
  • Conchas y Tortas, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Fusion, Long Beach, CA 
  • Girl Crush, Long Beach, CA 
  • Good Vibes, Long Beach, CA 
  • I'd Hit That, San Diego, CA 
  • Lady Rascals, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Ladyballers, Orange County, CA 
  • Shenanigans, Long Beach, CA
  • Trauma Queens, Los Angeles, CA 
  • WHHW, San Diego, CA 


  • Aftershock, Long Beach, CA
  • Bad A$$ Badgers, San Jose, CA 
  • Basic Pitches, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Blue Crush, Mission Viejo, CA 
  • Bougie, San Diego, CA 
  • Cleats & Cleavage, Long Beach, CA 
  • Footloose, Long Beach, CA 
  • GoFETCH, Long Beach, CA 
  • Gossip About Us, San Diego, CA 
  • Killer B's, Los Angeles, CA 
  • MBD, San Diego, CA
  • Night Bats, San Diego, CA 
  • Spitting Llamas, San Jose, CA 


  • Dirt Dogs, Long Beach, CA
  • Tricky Stix, Long Beach, CA
  • UFAKA, Long Beach, CA

OPEN C (FULL - Waitlist is open)

  • 9 Inch Males, San Diego, CA 
  • Battle Bears, Multi-City, USA 
  • Brokeback Bears, San Diego, CA
  • Crushers, Long Beach, CA 
  • Gym Bar Cartel, Los Angeles, CA  
  • Kraken, San Diego, CA 
  • LA Pirates C, Los Angeles, CA 
  • LB WreckN’ Ballz Powered By KAIZ Sports, Long Beach, CA 
  • PS Ballers, Palm Springs, CA  
  • Slap-A-Ho, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Stingers, Palm Springs, CA 
  • UMAD?! C, Los Angeles, CA

OPEN D (FULL - Waitlist is open)

  • Aye No!, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Basic Pitches!, Los Angeles, CA 
  • The Bolt Grizzlies, Sacramento, CA 
  • Dynasty, Long Beach, CA 
  • Groundr, San Diego, CA 
  • Havoc, Long Beach, CA 
  • LA Pirates D, Los Angeles, CA 
  • LB Grizzlies, Long Beach, CA
  • Living Legends, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Mini Heat, Phoenix, AZ 
  • ​​​​​​​Palm Springs Rumble, Palm Springs, CA 
  • Posse, Los Angeles, CA
  • Rebels, San Diego, CA 
  • RedRum, Long Beach, CA 
  • Replacements, Long Beach, CA  
  • SoCal Bears, San Diego, CA
  • UMAD?! D, Los Angeles, CA
  • Wildcats, Long Beach, CA 

OPEN E (FULL - Waitlist is open)

  • Master Batters, Los Angeles, CA
  • Ruffnex E, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Softball Cartel, Los Angeles, CA
  • Wolves, Los Angeles, CA
  • Glove Affair, Long Beach, CA

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Your tournament adventure begins here!

No team? No problem! Join the Liberty Classic: Battle for the Beach as a Free Agent, and we'll connect you with team managers on the lookout for standout players like you. Showcase your skills, become an integral part of a squad, and experience the thrill of competition. Your path to the beach is paved with opportunities—sign up now at this link, and let's unite you with a team ready to conquer the Battle for the Beach!


Managers, let's find these players a team!

Women's+ Division

NameEmailDivisionRatingPreferred Position(s)
Danielle Ferrelljustbehappysmile123@gmail.comWomen's+ D361B, SS
Ashley Vspiderpigs15@hotmail.comWomen's+ C or DN/A2B, 3B, SS
Bizz McBriarbizz1014@gmail.comWomen's+ D34P, C
Jo Kellynkelly18@yahoo.comWomen's+ D33OF
Karina Galletanklgalletan1@icloud.comWomen's+ D, Open E7 (NAGAAA)C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS
Shelby Wardshelbyward69@gmail.comWomen's+ C, Open C45 (ASANA)C, 2B, SS, OF
Christine LeMieuxcllemieux@gmail.comWomen's+ D??P, SS, OF

Open Division

NameEmailDivisionRatingPreferred Position(s)
Leo Cotacsufleo@gmail.comOpen CN/A1B, 2B, 3B
Chris Rodriguezchrisrodriguez2309@yahoo.comOpen D112B, SS, OF
Gary Lee Halsellglhalsell@gmail.comOpen E81B, 2B, 3B, SS
Travis Smithxsmithx6@icloud.comOpen D11P, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF
Paul Careydjpaulcarey@gmail.comOpen D9P, C, 1B, 2B
Jorge HernandezJorge66hernandez@gmail.comOpen D101B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF
Ryo CN/A3B, SS, OF
Mikey Gascamikey@flabulousvegan.comOpen D9C, 1B, 2B
Jodi Carlroyalchiefs03@yahoo.comOpen D, Open E, Women's+ D8 (NAGAAA)P, C, 1B
Ben Leonardibdleonardi@yahoo.comOpen D, Open E6P, C, 1B
Randal Hennemuthrandalhennemuth@yahoo.comOpen D11C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF


Links to roster templates will be sent to the team managers starting on April 15. Rosters must be completed by May 31 at 5:00 PM, at which time access to the link will be locked. No exceptions will be made.



We will be using the 2024 NAGAAA and ASANA ratings classifications for this year’s tournament. All player ratings will be verified via the NAGAAA or ASANA database. Players without ratings must be clearly marked.



Tournament rules can be found at the following links:


Players requiring ADA accommodations, please click this link to complete our ADA request form. Your comfort and inclusion are our priorities, and we're here to ensure your Liberty Classic experience is tailored to your needs.

DUE 5/24/24


Indulge in comfort and convenience at our host hotel, TownePlace Suites in Anaheim

Just a short drive from the tournament grounds, this oasis offers the perfect blend of modern amenities and Southern California charm. Unwind in spacious suites, take a refreshing dip in the pool, and savor the ease of being close to both the softball action and Anaheim's attractions.

Book by clicking here. Don't delay as the reservation block closes on April 24!


Your Liberty Classic experience begins at TownePlace Suites—where every stay is a home run. 


Welcome to the heartbeat of softball excitement!

Nestled in the sun-soaked paradise of Huntington Beach, California, this premier facility is the battleground for the Liberty Classic: Battle for the Beach. With top-notch fields, vibrant atmosphere, and the iconic California sun as your witness, prepare for a softball experience like no other. The Huntington Beach Sports Complex is not just a venue; it's where softball dreams come alive, and champions are crowned. Get ready to make memories on these hallowed fields!

Address: 18100 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Click here for a map to the complex

Parking made easy at Huntington Beach Sports Complex

For the convenience of our players and fans, a reminder that parking at the complex is $1 for the day. Remember to proudly display your parking receipt on the dashboard—it's your golden ticket to hassle-free parking. Let's keep the tournament game-focused and avoid unwanted surprises; the Huntington Beach Sports Complex will be strictly enforcing parking rules, so ensure your receipt is visible to dodge any potential tickets. See you on the fields hassle-free!

Field Map and Complex Rules

Complex Map   Complex Rules

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