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Board elections are CLOSED!

The elected Board members will be announced at the Closing Ceremony​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Player rating adjustments, whether an increase or decrease, should be requested by a team manager and must be approved by the Open or Women’s+ Ratings Committee.

To request a ratings change, complete the form at the appropriate link below. The Ratings Committee will review the supplied evidence. If approved, the Division Director will make the appropriate change in the league and NAGAAA or ASANA database.

Note: The Ratings Committee will not review requests submitted without appropriate evidence. Appropriate evidence includes:

  • Hitting questions: Completed and legible scorebooks (must be a representative sample)
  • Running questions: Video(s) of the player running from one base to another, starting from a stopping position
  • Fielding questions: Completed and legible scorebooks (must be a representative sample) ​​​​​​​

Open Division Ratings Adjustments

Click here to request an adjustment to an Open Division player’s rating.

Women’s+ Division Ratings Adjustments

Want to request an adjustment to a Women's+ Division player? Please reach out to Lisa Johnson ( or Jessica Tessler (


Step into greatness as we honor the legends of Surf & Sun Softball—the esteemed members of our Hall of Fame. These extraordinary players have left an indelible mark on the diamond, embodying the spirit, skill, and passion that define our league. Join us in celebrating their unparalleled contributions and everlasting legacy in the hallowed grounds of our Hall of Fame.

Surf & Sun Softball League Inductees

Jeff Schoonover

Marc Triplett

Terri Watkins

Jim Gates

Whitey Whitehurst

Peter Ho

David Smith

Sue Borlander

Dawn Langer

Andy Marquez

Nate Smith

Sam Roger

John Barnes

John Schinnerer

Ron Waddell


NAGAAA Hall of Fame Inductees

Jeff Schoonover

Marc Triplett

Whitey Whitehurst


ASANA Hall of Fame Inductees

Terri Watkins

Sam Roger



Do you know a standout player whose excellence deserves to be etched in our Softball Hall of Fame? Nominate them now, and let's celebrate the extraordinary contributions that make Surf & Sun Softball legendary! Your nominations shape the future of our Hall of Fame—recognize the game-changers among us.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Any person who has been in the League for at least eight (8) years is eligible for nomination as long as they are or were in good standing with the League as defined in Section 5.03.03 of the Restated Bylaws.

Your Name *

Your Email *

Phone *

Nominee's First and Last Name *

Nominee's Phone *

Nominee's Email *

Nominee's First Year in the League *

Number of Years Nominee has been in the League *

Nominee's Current Team *

Nominee's Qualifications

Please list SPECIFIC and DETAILED reasons why this person deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Accomplishment 1 *

Accomplishment 2

Accomplishment 3

Accomplishment 4

Accomplishment 5

Accomplishment 6

Accomplishment 7

Accomplishment 8

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