Roller Hockey Lethbridge


Roller Hockey Lethbridge is a non-profit sports organization.  We offer roller hockey during the Spring/Summer after ice hockey is done for the season.  Play is conducted on the melted (concrete) surface and features 4-on-4, fast paced action for all skills and abilities.  Additionally, Roller Hockey is a non-contact sport.  We're an inclusive, fun and safe environment for all.






In November 2015 we wanted to bring Roller Hockey back to Lethbridge.  Learning from the past though we wanted to ensure Roller Hockey would become a lasting legacy so we registered the Roller Hockey Association of Lethbridge under the Alberta Societies Act.  Thus, Roller Hockey Lethbridge was born.  A sport for the community run by the community.







Volunteers are the life-blood of non-profit organizations.  Below are a few of the people that volunteer some of their time to help grow and build our sport.  If you'd like to get involved please don't hesitate to reach out.  We have lots to do and will happily help you find something that fits your interests and skills.

Dave Sehn

President / Adult Director


Ed de Bruin

Board-of-Directors, Youth Director






Corbin Morton



Julie Wong


Name: Dave Sehn
Position: President
Phone: (604) 765-3734
Name: Ed de Bruin
Position: Youth Director
Phone: (403) 795-1843
Name: Corbin Mortin
Position: Director
Phone: (403) 359-3441
Name: Julie Wong
Position: Secretary