Portland Youth Futsal League
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Joel Costigan
League Director
Julie Hutchins
Tyrone Daniels
Volunteer Coordinator
Nick Cliche
Recreation Director


The Portland Youth Futsal League is a collaboration between Portland Parks Recreation, Portland Area Youth Soccer Association (PAYSA), and Maine Lightning Soccer Club. The league was established in 2018 with the mission of expanding the futsal footprint in Portland, Maine and to assist in the development of young soccer players in our city. We aim to offer a competitive model that focuses on player development, and that is inclusive, accessible, and affordable. Our programming is a blend of foot skills sessions and futsal league play for players ages 5-14, with th emphasis placed on skill development through maximization of touches on the ball.


Futsal is a fast-paced indoor sport, a variant of soccer, that is played on a smaller indoor court with teams consisting of five players each. The game focuses on skillful footwork, quick decision-making, and precise ball control. With smaller goals and a smaller low-bounce ball, futsal demands high levels of technical ability and agility. Played across the globe, futsal provides a thrilling and intense experience for both players and spectators alike.​​


Foot Skills - Wednesdays: Ages 5-7 @ 5:00p; Ages 8-10 @ 6:00p; Ages 11-14 @ 7:00p

Games - Sundays; Ages 5-7 @ 9:00, 10:00a; Ages 8-10 @ 10:00a, 11:00a; Ages 11-14 @ 9:00a, 10:00a, 11:00a

Locations - Rowe Elementary School, Talbot Community School

Instructors - David Jaeger, Alexis Wing, Mya Landry, Daniel Landry, Vincent Aceto