NBBA League Rules 2019/2020

North Brunswick Basketball Association 2019-2020 League Rules

Revised 31Oct2019
 All games will be 15 minute halves with clock stopping on all whistles. Exception:
Running Clock if winning team is up by more than 20 points
 Each team will be responsible for providing a game clock operator or a score keeper for
each game.
 Full court press is allowed the entire game with the exception of a team that is winning
by more than 20 points.
o (In the 4th Boys: Full Court Press is allowed in the Last Three (3) minutes
of the game)
o (In the 5 th Boys and 5 th /6 th Girls: Full Court Press is allowed in the Last Six
(6) minutes of the game.

 All game results will be emailed to NBBALeague17@gmail.com by the winning
team within 48 hours after game completion. If NO SCORE has been sent game
will be recorded as 0-0. Neither team will get points for the non reported
 Two Full Timeouts and Two 30 Second Timeouts will be awarded to each Team
 Overtime sessions will be 3-minutes and each team will receive one additional full
timeout. Regulation timeouts carry over into overtime
 Ball Size- 28.5 Ball will be used for the Boys (U10), (U11) (U12), & (ALL Girls) Divisions.
All other divisions will use a High School Regulation Size Ball
 A coach or player that receives two technical fouls will be ejected from the game and
must leave the gym. That coach or player will be suspended for the next game and
subject to disciplinary action
 Five personal fouls will result in removal from the game
 A team that does not arrive by the scheduled start time will forfeit the game after the
fifteen (15) minute grace period. All teams need a minimum of five players to start the
game. All players’ names must appear in the official book, and all players must be on
the bench prior to the start of the 2 nd half. Any player arriving after the start of the 2 nd
half is NOT eligible to play. Any team violating this rule will forfeit the game.
 A team will begin shooting one and one foul shots on the seventh foul, two shots will be
awarded on the tenth team foul (In the U-10 Division the foul shooter may cross the line
after releasing the ball, the foul shooter will not be able to go for the rebound.)
 Three coaches maximum will accompany the team on bench during the game

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