First off Happy New Year to everyone, we all deserve a Better Year ... As we prepare for the start of the Season there are protocols that are required and MUST be followed by all Teams, Players and Coaches


  • First off upon entering any facility everyone MUST wear a Mask or face protection and complete a Covid form which may require a temperature check.


  • Covid forms are on the website, all players & coaches should complete the form prior to EVERY game to speed up the process.


  • The Mask must be always worn while in the Facility with the following exceptions ... Players on the Court and referees are optional based upon the guidelines from the NJSIAA, all bench players and coaches are required to wear a Mask.


  • The scorer will have a Mask but does not have to wear it unless there is more than one person at the table or when being addressed by a Coach or Referee.


  • In addition, upon completion of the game teams Will Not shake hands as in the past, a wave to your opponents is encouraged.


  • We need teams to exit the facility as quickly as possible as other teams will be entering and time is sensitive to keep the games on schedule.


  • Any team meetings or game recaps must be performed outside of the Facility.


  •  Each Team will be allowed 1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant Coach and 1 Video Parent ...


We will be following NJ State and NJSIAA guidelines as required ... Unfortunately, we are living during very difficult times and we are fortunate to have the approval to commence with Youth Sports.  Let's not risk this opportunity, please make sure you and your Teams Comply with these protocols as we want a Safe & Complete Season.

As always please contact us with any questions or concerns.

We wish everyone a Great Season filled with great games, good competition, and happier times for all our Participants.

Thank You

Al Holtje
Darren Snediker
Dennis Scanlon
Craig Snediker


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