2020/2021 Winter League Announcement

We wanted to share some great news with you that we will have a basketball season. We have had discussions with a few school officials and the uncertainty of gaining access to schools has driven us down a new path for 2020. We have teamed together with The Central Jersey League to make one unified league for the winter of 2020/2021. Unlike normal years, we have secured space at independent gyms. To ensure we have a season that runs smoothly, we had no choice but to commit to something we have never done before. This will allow our season to begin on Saturday December 19th and run for 12 weeks. Each team will play 12 regular season games with week number 12 being a seeded schedule, the top two teams will play, then the next two, ect.......


There will be some changes to the procedures and the game itself as we all adjust to the current situation. Spectators will not be allowed at most if not all venues, temperature checks and COVID 19 daily forms will have to be filled out and brought to the games, registration fees will be higher to offset the cost of the rental space. Even with all that said, the kids will win in the end because they will have a place to play! We have already secured gym space in anticipation of teams wanting to play


Registration will be opening soon and will be initially limited to the organizations that have played in the Central Jersey Basketball League and the North Brunswick League. The registration will be limited due to the number of courts available. Organizations that can guarantee their own court for games will receive a discount on the registration, the gym must be able to host each team you enter every week. We are still in search of more gyms to continue to expand our registration numbers but currently we are limited. You will be the first to know when registration is open, we anticipate registration to be opened no later than November 1st for the returning organizations of both leagues, it will then be open to all organizations on 11/15 until we are full.


Please continue to look for our registration link coming soon. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.


League Format

Start of season Saturday 12/19

End of season Sunday 3/14

12 Game Schedule

20 Minute Running Clock, Stops last 1 minute in first half & last 2 minutes of second half

2- 30 second timeouts per game

Ref fee's $45 per game



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