All Seasons Sports Academy Court Map

Please enter gym no earlier than 10-15 minutes before your scheduled game

You will have to fill out the online form before you enter the gym each time

Once you enter temperature checks will be taken at the entrance

After temperature check proceed to court # 1 (Waiting Area)
Saturday's & Sunday's Only
We will have a different waiting area on friday's
No practice balls or shooting inside the waiting area
Once your court is clear you will proceed to your game
After the completion of your game you will wave to your opponent, gather your belongings and exit the gym.
NO huddling or team meetings once game has completed

Rules for the South Plainfield Gym:  All Season Sports Academy:


There is an on-line app (bar code) that the coaches/players login to upon arrival.  Parents can fill this out before every game link is below:


Only coaches and players are permitted inside the facility.

* Spectators are not permitted inside.

* Parents must drop off, return for pick up, or wait in cars.

* Coaches and players must get temp check and complete the on-line waiver each visit.

* Mask must be worm upon arrival and departure.

* Players sitting on sideline must wear mask.  While on the court playing, they do not need to wear mask.


Click For : All Seasons Court Map

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