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KMFL: The KMFL is committed to Coach Development, here's how.


As a non profit house league football program most of our coaches are parents of the athletes. We understand that many of these parent coaches will enter our program and leave when their athlete moves on. Some may choose to remain with our program and want to continue their coaching education. Please find below the minimum requirement to coach and if desired the additional resources that the KMFL has available.

The minimum requirements: 

If you are considering coaching with the KMFL there are a few things that are required prior to entering the field

1) This is your first year and you just want to try coaching football, holding some bags and just generally assisting on the field. In your first year you are required to register for the National Coaching Certification program. REGISTER HERE. When you register you will be assigned a NCCP #, once you have the NCCP# you need to register as a coach with the KMFL with the OFA (Ontario Football Alliance) OFA registration database. The KMFL is a member of the OFA. There is an annual fee to register, the KMFL will reimburse you for this fee, please print a copy of your receipt and submit to

           Note: The coaching membership fee includes insurance. Please see the OFA insurance binder for additional information.

2) You’re in your second year of coaching and you completed step 1 last year. To continue as a coach you will need to pay the yearly registration fee with the OFA registration database

Additional requirements: NOTE: Any fees incurred for minimum training will be reimbursed by the KMFL


Making Headway in Football will provide all coaches with concussion awareness training.  This online module takes only 60-90 minutes to complete and is FREE of charge. Making Headway in Football is a online clinic that is required for all coaches and should be completed before Safe Contact training.

To complete the training, click here.​


Community Sport Training is designed for coaches who are currently coaching athletes aged 6 - 13 in contact or non-contact football. Online E-learning course must be completed before in-person training. The Community Sport Training is a 1 day clinic that is required for anyone coaching athletes under the age of 14. The community novice coach has 6 modules:

  • Participant needs & parents’ expectations
  • Understanding the game
  • Make ethical decisions
  • Safety
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Practice Planning
  • Football specific fundamental skills

To complete the training, click here.


 An integral part of Football Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program, Safe Contact teaches safe tackling and blocking techniques along with safety education and awareness. Every football player needs to be able to perform the football fundamentals taught in Safe Contact, regardless of what position they play on the field. Safe Contact is a 2 day clinic in class and on-field that is required for all coaches. 

To complete the training please contact us at

                                    ** Safe Contact 2.0 ** - If you've already completed Safe contact but it was more then 5 years ago then it's recommended you take Safe Contact 2.0. This is an online refresher. You can access the training Here

Once you’ve completed the required training there are no additional requirements other than the yearly membership fee. All records of your training will be maintained by the NCCP while the annual coaching membership fee is maintained by the OFA through the National Coaching Database.

Additional resources:

ALL24 - This website has some excellent resources for more complex Canadian football schemes. The site is free so check it out : ALL24

The KMFL also has a local resource Richard Thompson. Rick is a highschool teacher in Norwood who has a weekly coaching program on Zoom which has many coaches attending across the country. The presenters for this Zoom series are Professional, University and CJFL level coaches. The zoom series is FREE and has a round table format that is open and interactive. If you’d like to attend please contact Rick directly at: HERE


Have a suggestion? The KMFL is always open to input. Please feel free to contact us at