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Player Rules & Policies


GHSA has a pick-up player policy to help ensure forfeited games are kept at a minimum, as well as taking into consideration the safety and fairness of the overall teams when a pickup player is chosen:

  • Teams are allowed to pick-up one (1) or two (2) players to complete their roster up to 10 players.
    • Pick- up players must be of the same classification or lower. 
      • For instance, a Men's E team CANNOT pick up a Men's C player.
      • Exception:  Same night is allowed. ​​​​​​​Example:  CoEd C player can pick up on a CoEd D team on Wednesday.  The CoEd D team becomes a C team for that game.
  • If a team needs more than (2) pick-up players to reach 10 players, then the opposing coach must agree.
    • If the opposing coach does not agree, and the team needing the pickups has fewer than nine (9) players, that team will be forced to forfeit the game.
  • Teams are NOT able to pick-up players if:
    • The team has 10 players
    • To sit one of their own players.
    • The team would like to bat an EH 
      • Pickups are only allowed for your team to get up to 10 players, not 11 for men's and women's, or 12 for coed.

If it is found that you are using a non-team rostered player exclusively every league night, that player could be imposed another association fee.  That player will be monitored as an excessive pickup player and could result in suspension from league play for up to a week.

If it is found that you do not have a full roster signed up for the season and supplementing your team with pickups, your team will be given a warning and then further consequences will occur, to include a possible suspension.

Thank you for your cooperation with these rules.

GHSA Board Members