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Volunteering for Lacrosse Season 2024

The Forest Lake Youth Lacrosse association cannot be successful without the support and commitment of our volunteers, families, and players. Volunteers are critical to our operations. We have a great appreciation for the hours of planning, coaching, event coordination, and all operations that allow our youth to continue the sport they love so much!

Team Managers for each team will be the main point of contact for all volunteer hours for parents/guardians. The Team Manager will ensure sure each family contributes volunteer time to their respective player's team/s. They will assign the parents/guardians the volunteer assignment by working within the team to determine time/s, coverage, and responsibilities. ALL families are expected to participate.

We do not  collect checks like in the past years. Parents will be expected to fulfill all duties that are assigned to them and if they’re not doing their part then the board will be notified, and we will have to take further action. Duties will include working the clock, scores table, and field set up and take down. It is important that everyone does their part with helping out.


Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities for Forest Lake Youth Lacrosse

Scores/Time Table: This task includes tracking the game score, time of the periods, and penalty minutes; this could apply to both home or away game. Please make sure to have at least one parent per game signed up to work the table. For further assistance on rule details, see attached links on the next page.  The rules/directions for Coaches, Team Managers, or Referees can vary.

Field Setup/Takedown: This position includes setting up and taking down cones/discs, and scores table for home games. Cones/discs, timer, score board, horn, table, and chairs are in the lacrosse storage unit (see photos below for reference) located on the lacrosse fields, middle of the field by the football T. Board members and coaches are the only personnel who have access to the combination access code for that storage unit; please reach out to your Team Manager in advance of a game to obtain access to the unit. Important: the last step is to set out extra balls at the end of each side of the field; these are provided by coaches. Please be sure to put all items away appropriately and secure the storage unit. Please see the field diagrams below for set up details and check with Coaches and/or Team Managers on where they would like orange cones/discs to go on the field.


Girls & Boys Field Lacrosse Rules 2024

2024 Girls MSLax Summary of Rules by Age Level