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There are two options to meet your fundraising requirements: 

  1.   Participate in the fundraiser and have a chance to win some great prizes! (see flyer below)
    • Single athlete families must sell 20 items
    • Families with 2 athlets must sell 25 items
    • Families with 3 or more athletes must sell 30 items
    • Donations recieved while fundraising can count towards your requirement for number of items to sell. Each $10 donation would count as 1 item sold. (Donations do not count towards number of items sold for prize purposes)
  2.  Opt out of fundraising and pay a fee of $250 for single athlete families or $400 for multi-athlete families. You must turn your opt out fee in to your team mananger by May 1st if you are choosing not to participate in our fundraiser. The Fundraising Director will collect fees from team managers. Checks should be written out to FLAAA. Please let the Fundraising Director know if you are opting out of fundraising.

Fundraising will go from April 17th to May 8th

fundraiser pick up is may 29th from 5-6pm at fenway fields. no items are shipped to customers and all items are picked up on this date

Get your fundraiser started today! Please remember to enter your athlete's name on the app so we know who is participating! 

Questions? Email your Fundraising Director at


There are no available fundraisers.

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