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Game Format

* All players will receive a Jersey that is to be returned at league end.

* Game format is 3 on 3 plus goalie.  

* 3-minute warm-up (time permitting).  Teams must be ready and waiting to go on the ice. If teams aren’t ready for the scheduled start time the official game time will be reduced to keep running on time.

* Games will consist of 2-straight time, 15-minute periods with a 1-minute intermission between periods

* Clock will not stop for any reasons.

Game Rules

* A parent must be always present on the bench.

* Dressing room supervision is expected and should be ensured by the team. 

* After every goal scored, the team, which has just scored, must Retreat to the Red Line: Then they can attack the team they just scored on.

 Hint:  Teams that have just been scored on must regroup quickly and breakout of their own zone quickly before opposing team re-enters the zone with fore-check after they clear the Red Line

* If the team that just scored does not clear the red line a penalty shot will be awarded to the opposition.

* There will be no offside or no icing calls.

* If the puck is deflected out of play there will be a face- off in the place nearest circle to where it went out.

* If the puck was intentionally shot out, a delay of game penalty will be called, resulting in a penalty shot.

* If a goalie covers the puck, the offensive players, on the whistle must clear the blue line; the goalie must move the puck quickly to one of his teammates.


Penalty Format

* All penalties will result in a penalty shot.

* During a penalty shot the following format will be used:

- The offending player takes a knee at the far blue line and chase on the whistle.

- All other players on the ice will be asked to take a knee at the red line.

- The shooter is the player who the penalty was infringed on, and they start a center.

 * When the shooter crosses the offensive blue line, all other players may pursue.

 * If the player scores the defensive team gets the puck, so the team that just scored must have all three players clear the red line. Then they may attack.

 * If the puck is stopped by the goalie and covered the shooter and team must clear the blue line, then all three players can fore-check the team breaking out. Rebounds are live and in play for all.

*Failure to line up quickly could result in a second penalty shot.

*There will be no appeals as all referee calls will be final.

* There will be no body checking in any division.  Any contact other than incidental will result in a penalty and a penalty shot will be awarded.

ANY HITTING FROM BEHIND will not be tolerated and any player who commits this offense will be ejected out of that game and the next.

* There will be NO TIMEOUTS allowed.



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