Youth Baseball of Bartholomew County
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What is Diesel Baseball?

Diesel is a lower cost, less "travel" approach to travel baseball.  MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES ARE WELCOME!.  We operate similarly to travel organizations.  We hold tryouts in late summer for the following season.  Hold fall practices, winter workouts, clinics, spring practices, and play in 6-12 travel tournaments in the fall, spring and summer.  We require that our 7u teams play in our rec league at Ceraland and we encourage our other players to do so as well.  We are designed to grow our rec league and provide competitive baseball opportunities at lower costs, with travel.  We choose tournaments that are as close to home as we can.  This helps to cut down on the costs of travel allowing you to either put that money into private lessons, or whatever else your family can use that money for.  


2022 Diesel Head Coaches
7u 8u 9u Black 9u Red 10u 11u Black 11u Red 12u 13u 14u
Tyler Davis JR Huff Chris Baker Josh Burnett Fred Lawson Tony Barnhart Chris Weatherford Matt Hunter Justin Stott Scott Mcmullen



How Much Does Diesel Cost?

  • 7u - $375

  • 8u - $375

  • 9u,10u,11u,12u,13u, - $515

  • 14u - $715  

What does my player get?

  • 6-12 Tournaments (depending on age and team)

  • Off-Season Training @ Hitting Lodge

  • 1 Helmet

  • 1 Bat Bag

  • 2 Pairs of Pants

  • 3 Jerseys

  • 1 Hat

  • 1 Belt

Where do we practice?  

We practice indoors at The Hitting Lodge in downtown Columbus.  Our teams will have 1 practice per week in the off season and can use the facility once per week during the season as well.  We practice outdoors at Ceraland, Rockcreek, and other County Diamonds.

In order to keep costs low we must fundraise.  For 2022 we will have a $150 buy out for a family that does not want to fundraise.  You must fundraise at least $150 profit per player if you choose to fundraise.  If you do not then you will be invoiced for $150 - your fundraising total.  We feel that what we provide far exceeds what we charge. We like to keep that way.  

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