Wentzville Lacrosse Club
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The main desire of the Club Board and Coaching Staff is for the players to be a successful team for their school district. This can only happen if the club is successful FOR your player. We need to continue to build a strong club that allows our players to strive for higher levels. Parental involvement is fundamental to meet that goal. Therefore parental involvement is mandatory. There are several opportunities to participate during the season.

Game Day Positions

- Game & Practice Field Preparation

- Score Keeper

- Timer

- Play Caller


Each home game requires 4 to 5 parents. This means on each home game date where the JV and Varsity are playing, we need 8 to 10 parents to help out with the different jobs at the game. For road games, 2 to 4 parents are required as score keepers for both games. Please be prepared to sign up for two slots during the season in one of the above positions. We use an online App where you can sign-up for a particular task on a particular date. A $100 volunteer deposit will be required. Once the family has fulfilled two game activities, the $100 will be returned to you. A buyout option is available to families who choose to not be involved in game day activities. The buyout is $100 per family. A roster of positions will be available for you to register. If you’re not sure what you want to do, then the club will assign you to a particular position. Training will be provided.