Vision Statement




The purpose of our league is to encourage fellowship within our churches, to be able to relate to one another, as GOD would have us do; to build

brotherhood and sisterhood with each other and to enjoy the fellowship that should be real in our midst.


Many of the churches in our league have used this tool of slo‐pitch as an outreach program, as an aid to evangelize friends and neighbours, to create

new life and an opportunity to witness to each other for the LORD and for one another.


There are many denominations within our league but the same LORD.  This gives us all an opportunity to better appreciate one another, to learn

from each other and also to respect our differences. We are encouraged to be a blessing for each other in accepting the many ways GOD chooses to reveal

himself to us.


God bless you all!

Originally penned by Adrien Piche,

Past President SCSL

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