Constitution in Brief



This is a document prepared to meet some of the specific needs of the SCSL

ARTICLE #1: MEMBERSHIP: Team membership shall be granted/retracted by the Executive Council. Any team wishing to field a membership within the S.C.S.L. should duly contact a member of the Executive and their membership application will be evaluated based on meeting with team officials and the basic requirements of Church Affiliation.

Player memberships are to the team. A listed player (ROSTERED) is deemed to be a member of the team he or she is registered with until the SCSL is notified of change. No player may play for more than one team within the SCSL. The onus to bear shall be placed on the team “picking up” such a player. This will be dealt with as a Team Infraction.

Amendment to Article #1:

The constitution states that “" player may play for more than one team within the SCSL.” An exception will be accepted under the following situation:

  • A church has two teams in the "White" division; those teams will be able to have the female players play for both teams. However, these players must be rostered with only one of the teams. Any games played for the other team will not count towards the player’s required games for tournament play."

This amendment applies for league play only. The female players covered under this amendment must play with their rostered team during tournament play.

ARTICLE #2: THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Odd number of members shall be called upon to vote on or perform decision making within the SCSL. The council consists of: The President, the UIC (Umpire-in-Chief), and Representatives from the various divisions – one per division. A secretary may participate in the Council, but must abstain from casting a vote. The Council shall:

  • Take control of all decision-making processes within the SCSL.

  • Reach consensus by majority vote.

  • Keep membership informed of all changes of Major nature or interest.

  • Be ratified or voted to Council by membership.

  • Allow the President to cast any tie-breaking vote if necessary.

ARTICLE #3: SCHEDULED MEETINGS: The President shall call a General Meeting annually as of or before April 15th. He shall also call Council meetings at his discretion. The President decides the exact dates of the meetings.

ARTICLE #4: THE PRESIDENT: Is charged with providing leadership and direction within the SCSL. He (She) is responsible to ensure that the path of choosing for the League is commensurate with the moral and ethical guidelines that have been an unwritten mainstay in the SCSL for its entire history. The President shall consult Council on all matters of significance, and be willing to defer to a vote if one is required. The President shall take control of all administrative matters; he shall have the authority to delegate the same. Only in the area of on field activity is his deference to the UIC.

ARTICLE #5: THE UIC: Shall take control of all aspects of officiating and related matters. Is directly responsible for the discipline of SCSL officials, coaches and players. Must ensure that all educational outlets are provided to the officials, they adhere to proper conduct, and the objectives of his (her) mandate are followed through. Must submit any action in writing to the President. Shall inform the Executive Council of notable infractions, misconduct or rule changes. Must remain accountable to both Council and the President.

ARTICLE #6: THE REPRESENTATIVES: Are to answer directly to the President, keeping him (her) duly informed on all matters as they pertain to their own divisions. Are responsible for creating a suitable schedule for their division, maintaining contact with their coaches and players, and be available for fielding comments and concerns within their divisions. Must be willing to “promote” not only their own divisions, but the SCSL, as well. Must show an avid interest in the growth of the League, as well as the betterment of their divisions. Must be ready to “police” player movement; gather fees, rosters and fines. Must conduct themselves firstly as members of the Executive Council.

ARTICLE #7: OPERATING GUIDELINES OF THE SCSL: The Objectives in this League are the promotion of fun and fair play with the added dimension of Christian values. We believe that fun and a competitive nature are not at odds with Biblical principles. Specifically:

  1. All on field play guided by SPN rules.

  2. Cursing, Abuse of Officials or fellow players, coaches or fans, Malice or Ridicule towards persons or the SCSL will be dealt with in accordance with the umpire’s report. If such matters are decided a “team infraction” by Council, then ruling shall involve the team. Council must rule on any such case, and credence given to the nature of each case, bearing in mind a minimum suspension comes under review after three years.

  3. No alcohol, drugs or tobacco are permitted on the field of play. This included the bench area as defined by the umpire. Failure to comply shall result in ejection of the offending individual(s), and a reprimand or even suspension of the manager or coach. The managers are directly responsible for the dissemination of this rule.

  4. Any actions detrimental to the SCSL, as defined by Council, shall be dealt with accordingly. These may include:

    1. Playing of ineligible players.

    2. Refusing to play when ordered to do so.

    3. Repeated Forfeitures

    4. Flagrant fouls or violence.

ARTICLE #8: DEFAULTS AND FORFEITURES: As defined by SPN. E.g. A team unable to field enough players to start the game at the prescribed time shall default the game, giving up the 2 points involved and incurring a $64.00 fine, payable before the next game.

A team unable to continue play because of lack of players or injury will forfeit the game, but not be liable for fines. The same would hold true for a team unable to continue due to ejection of a player.

PROTESTS: Shall be submitted to the League in writing within 48 hours of the incident, and must be accompanied by a $30.00 Fee. This fee is refundable if protest upheld.

ARTICLE #9: MISC. BUSINESS: On any matter not specifically ruled by either a Cover Letter, The Constitution in Brief, or the original Carling Constitution, Council shall rule on such matters. Play and format are not covered in this document, as they fall under either SPN jurisdiction or are dealt with in the Cover Letter.

ARTICLE #10: DRESS: Proper Team Uniforms should be worn at all times in this League. As it applies to the Umpires, the same should hold true for the teams. Proper Footwear is mandatory, and no player or coach shall be allowed to go shirtless during a game. Managers shall be accountable for proper attire and an attitude of decency in this regard.



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