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Weekend Tryout Information

Thank you for registering to participate in the tryout weekend on September 23rd and 24th.  You will be part of a very fast paced and intense weekend of games.  All registered players will be placed on a team the week prior to the Tryout weekend and rosters will be posted on our website ( If you do not see your name on a team, please contact Bart Arnold (306-491-8912) as soon as possible.  Games will begin early on Saturday morning and will conclude by the late afternoon on Sunday.  Teams will be formed to create the most competitive games possible.  Be prepared to showcase your skill and effort in every opportunity.  All coaches will be in attendance evaluating players in preparation for the draft on Monday evening.  In addition, three independent evaluators will be evaluating each player for all games played.  Players will be evaluated in the areas of skating, competiveness, hockey IQ and puck skill.  Coaches will make player selections based on their own observations and the scores from the evaluators.

 IMPORTANT – Players who played in the U18AA league the previous season ARE NOT guaranteed a spot this season.  We encourage all players to give their best effort for each and every shift they play on tryout weekend. 

The RiverKing coaching staff will select their team, from all 2008 born players, and submit this team list to the Coordinators by Sunday, September 24th.  The players selected by the RiverKings will not be included in the draft Monday evening. 

Players selected to play RiverKings, Blues or with one of the 3 U18AA teams will be notified as early as Monday evening after completion of the draft.

All 2008 born players will be asked a couple of questions at the time of check in (upper meeting room at Jemini) prior to their first scheduled game and receive their jersey for the weekend.  Players will be asked that if they are not selected for the RiverKing team, do they want to have their name included in the list of draft eligible players for the Monday evening where the 3 U18AA (Screaming Eagles, Icehawks & Crunch) select their team.  Some 2008 born players may wish to only be considered for the U16AA Blues if they do not get selected by the RiverKings.  In this situation, a 2008 player not selected by the RiverKings and also not selected by the U16AA Blues would return to their zone for that tryout process.