Regina Touch Football
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The GameFundamentally based on the Canadian Football League, our game has streamlined the sport by creating a non-contact, offensive based game. Utilizing a 3 down / 10 yard gain format with 6 point touchdowns and 5 yard / 1 point and 10 yard / 2 point conversion attempts replacing extra point kicks, the spirit of our professional league remains intact. 

Official CFL Rules are enforced throughout the games, which are played with 7 players a side. Touch Football is essentially a non-contact game, with blocking and hitting removed, allowing for a 6 receiver 1 (or more) quarterback based offence, and a 6 defensive back, 1 designated rusher defense. 

The Regular Season Game is played in 2 - 15 minute Quarters and 2 - 12 minute quarters with 5 plays at the end of each half. There will be a 5 minute half-time.
The SeasonThe season runs from about the middle of May until the first of October. Teams will be guaranteed 12 games throughout the year. Each team will play roughly 1 time a week from Sunday to Thursday. Some Saturday games might be required later in the year to catch up on games. Playoffs will be at the end of the year and the format will be determined by executive at the start of the season.
.New Teams
Any individuals looking to enter a team in the RTFI must email the league at New teams that would like to be put on the waitlist require a $500 deposit to hold their spot on the list. If a new team joins the league they will be required to put down $100 Team Bond in addition to their league fees. New Teams will need 1 set of jerseys (T-shirts) for the 1st year and 2 sets for the 2nd year with numbers.
Team and Player Registration and Spares

All players must be registered with the league by signing their team's roster prior to playing any league game. It is the team representative's responsibility to ensure rosters are signed. Online Roster Form available in the Registration tab.

A team may register up to 21 players, ages 16 and up for the men.s and 15 and up for the womens division. If a team plays a game with an unregistered player or an illegal player, they will forfeit that game and their performance bond. 

Teams may register new players at anytime before the end of the regular season. 

Team rosters with each players information will also provided to Football Saskatchewan at the end of each year. This information is only for Football Saskatchewan and will not be provided to any other organizations.

Rules for Spares

A team must have a minimum of 5 rostered players at each game.  A team may pick up a maximum of 2 spares to a maximum of 8 players for the game.  Spares can be rostered players of another team in the same or lower division or a player that is not attached to a specific team who is only a spare.  No spares allowed in playoff games - only rostered players.

For example:

5 rostered players - can pick up 2 spares

6 rostered players - can pick up 2 spares

7 rostered players - can pick up 1 spare

Team BondsTeam bonds will be forfeited to the league under the following circumstances and must be paid to the league following these guidelines: 

1st Offence: Paid prior to start of next Men's term 
2nd Offence: and subsequent Paid prior to next game 

All fines may be submitted to the onfield official or paid to the Treasurer. ONLY CHEQUES or e-transfers will be accepted! NO CASH will be accepted by officials.
Game DefaultsA game will be defaulted if a team cannot field a team of at least 7 registered players within 15 minutes of a scheduled game time. For each five minutes that a team is late they will be penalized 2 points (to a maximum of 6) and a delay of game penalty. The official, in the event of a game delay, will shorten the timing of the game to ensure all games start at their scheduled time. Teams defaulting a league game will also forfeit 2 points in the league standings and a $50 fine for 1st offense, $50 for a 2nd offense, and $100 fine and removal of the team from league play in the current season for a third offense
ScorecardsTeam captains must verify the scorecards prior to and after each game. Please ensure that someone is at the field at least 10 minutes early to verify that all players are listed on the roster and that names and jersey numbers are correct.
Linesperson Default/Team BackjudgeA $25 fine will be forfeited if a team fails to supply a linesperson (on time) for the designated game as indicated on the schedule. Criteria defining this forfeit outlined in the next section. Bonds may also be forfeited if a linesperson does not make the necessary effort to perform his/her duties as an official. Teams defaulting a linesperson will also forfeit 1 point in the league standings.
Sidelines Officials GuideSideline officials will be expected to do their job to the best of their ability and as they would want the game officiated for them. Sideline officials will be expected to report to the game officials at least 10 minutes prior to the start of a game to review their game duties and responsibilities. Sideline officials will be considered late if they are not in position at the time the ball is kicked off. In the event of a game default, the sideline official will be deemed late if they are not in position at the time the official terminates the game. Sideline officials will not be allowed to exchange their position and duties with other team members. Once the game has started, the official must complete the game. In the event of a game default, the sideline official will be deemed late if they are not in position at the time the official terminates the game. Sidelines will not be allowed to wear sandals when completing their duties.
Team UniformsAll team members must wear matching coloured uniforms with individual numbers on the back. Players not adhering to these regulations will not be allowed to play until the criteria has been met. These regulations will be strictly enforced by the game officials as of the start of the season. In the event that two teams have the same or similar coloured uniforms, it will be the responsibility of the Home team to change colours. The numbering regulation will be enforced in this situation but the numbers do not need to match the players regular game jersey number.
Postponing League GamesLeague games will only be rescheduled under extreme circumstances to teams with a valid reason. We will attempt to reschedule games if a team is attending an out-of-town tournament. Requests to change a league game must follow these guidelines: 
  • Request must be emailed to the rtfischedule at and the league no less than seven days prior to the games original slot.
  • The scheduler will review the request and the parties will be contacted accordingly. All judgements are final.
  • The team rescheduling the game is responsible for arranging the field and the officials at least three days in advance.
  • The rescheduled game must be replayed within that same term and must be acceptable to the opposing team.
  • There will be a $40 fee to move the game.
  • Maximum of 2 games rescheduled per year.
RainoutsThe league has no control of the fields when there has been rain. The City of Regina will indicate if the fields are available to use. In some cases the League is responsible to cancel league play if the fields are getting damaged. 

If game is rained out, the game will try and be rescheduled for the next Sunday. Teams will have to send an email to the Scheduler at within the next 24 hours to indicate if you are unable to play on that Sunday.
Code of ConductThe C.A.F.A. and the R.T.F.I. have established a code of team and player conduct to promote and ensure the enjoyment, safety and intent of the game of Touch Football. This code of conduct covers the rules of the game and the treatment of fellow players, opponents, fans, officials, and the environment in which the game is played. The code of conduct is in effect from the time a player signs a team roster to the completion of the provincial Touch Football season. 

All team representatives are charged with the responsibility of supporting actions and decisions made by league representatives (ie: officials and league executive) in the event of a confrontation on or off the field. In order to retain the use of the fields and facilities for this season and subsequent seasons, certain policies must be abided by:
  • All parking regulations outlined by the facility director must be observed.
  • Stay off fields if closed due to weather at the request of the facility director (City of Regina).
  • Do not use scheduled city fields during preseason for practice; availability of open greenspace will be provided to the members by the city at time of registration.
  • People living in the area surrounding the fields do not appreciate the use of foul language during these events. This rule will be strictly enforced, especially at Optimist and the RTFI fields.
  • Consuming alcohol is not permitted on any of the fields used by the league. Teams violating this rule will be expelled from the league.
  • No Pets allowed at the RTFI fields.
  • A team is responsible for the conduct of their players, coach, friends, family, and directly associated fans. If any of these participants require disciplinary action by an official or executive member, the team may be disciplined. This may include the forfeiture of the game underway or suspension of those involved from being present at league sanctioned events.
  • A player suffering from a wound or laceration, where oozing or bleeding occurs, must be removed from the game until appropriate medical treatment is administered. The player may not return to the game without the approval of the referee. This year basic first aid kits will be available in the league boxes located at each field.
  • Game Ejections will carry the following penalties:
    • 1st offence - current game + 1, $50 team fine
    • 2nd offence - current game + 5, $50 team fine
    • 3rd offence - current game + 12 month suspension, $100 team fine + $100 repost prior to next season.
    • Any player suspended 3 times during 1 calendar year will be on probation; any 3 further suspensions over a 2 year period will result in permanent removal from the league.
  • Any prolonged objectionable conduct or repeated personal fouls, where the feels for the betterment of the game, that member should leave.
  • The ejected member does not discontinue their conduct or the official feels the member's actions require further disciplinary measures.
  • Any member that becomes involved in or prolongs a fight.

The following situation will carry the maximum penalty of permanent suspension from the R.T.F.I.:
  • Any member that becomes involved with the physical abuse of an official.

These member and team conduct regulations are for the betterment of the game and the conditions under which it was meant to be played. As a member of the league, every effort should be made to ensure that unfortunate conduct situations do not lead to the loss of facility privileges, league services, or player injury. 

The following system has been adapted from the University of Regina code of conduct and has been implemented on a permanent basis. Following each regular season game, the onfield officials will rate a team. The average of the ratings would serve as the criteria for playoff eligibility and participation.
  • Have at least a "B" fair play rating .
  • Not default more then twice during the regular season.
  • Not have more than 3 technical disqualifications during league play.

Fair Play ratings will be based on the following criteria:

"A" Excellent conduct. Players cooperate fully with game officials and other participants. The captain calmly converses with the officials about rule interpretations and calls. the captain has full control of teammates and ensures that all equipment is properly treated and put away. 

"B" Good conduct. Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by officials and/or show minor dissension toward opposition that may or may not merit a warning. A team that has one individual receiving a warning will receive no higher than a "B" rating. 

"C" Average conduct. Team members display verbal dissent towards an official and/or opposing team members, which may merit a warning. Captain exhibits minor control over teammates, but is in control of his/herself. Participants which receive multiple warnings and no more than 1 disqualification will receive a rating no higher than a "C". 

"D" Below standard conduct. Team constanly complains to official and/or opposing team from field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little control over teammates or him/herself. Participants which receive more than 1 disqualification, but no more than 3, will receive a rating no higher than a "D". 

"F" Poor conduct. Team is completely uncooperative. The team captain has no control over teammates and his/herself. Any team which causes a game to be forfeited or receives more than 3 disqualifications will be given an "F".
Official Training and Development ProgramsAnyone interested in becoming an official or taking part in any of the training courses should contact the league or a member of the executive.
Player InsuranceAll R.T.F.I. players, managers, coaches, and trainers will be covered by a sports insurance policy that will assist in paying for accidental dental, tuition fees, emergency transportation, fractures, and dislocation indemnity. 
This insurance policy is valid if you are a member of Football Saskatchewan.
For information on this policy, please email
AGMThere are 2 Annual General Meetings for RTFI at the beginning and the end of the season. Each team is responsible to have 1 representative from their team at the meeting. Failure to provide a representative will result in a $25 fine.