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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register my Child?

Complete our online form in our Registration page.

What equipment does my child need to have in order to play?

Your child will need to have their own helmet with cage, glove, and rubber spike ball cleats [No metal spikes allowed], pants, socks, and a belt.  It is parents discretion to utilize regular running shoes for their children in U5 (T-Ball)/U7 (Tyke)/U9 (Sr Tyke), however we encourage cleats for safer running/stopping.

It is a Haldimand Erie Fastball League Rule that Players U19 and under must wear a helmet with a cage while batting. This is part of the equipment that each child must have in order to participate. They are available at sporting goods stores at a cost of approximately $30-$45.  For for more information on rules and policies, visit our Policies-Rules-Links page.

How often will my child's team play?

Typically, teams will have minimum 1 or 2 games throughout the week, scheduled in the evenings.  Practices in addition to game times will be up to the Coach and team.

What will be the Home night for my child's team?

Coaches will be communicating home nights prior to the start of the season, along with the team's game schedule for the season.  You should expect to be contacted by the team Coach sometime in mid-May.  Each team will be assigned their home night for games, but away games can be any night of the week (Monday-Friday).  

When does the JMB season start and end?

Typically the season starts the 3rd week of May (after the Victoria Day long weekend) for U9 and older. U5 (T-Ball), U7 (Tyke) and U9 (Sr Tyke) normally start the first week of June.  Dependent on the age group, the year-end league tournaments take place in August, the week of which is determined by age group. Check out our Tournaments page for more information.

How far do the teams travel?

Jarvis Minor Ball is a part of the Haldimand Erie Fastball League.  Check out our Where Do We Play? page for a listing of other centres we play during the regular season.  O.R.S.A. Tournaments and any invitational tournaments which teams wish to enter outside of regularly scheduled season play with Haldimand Erie League can vary in location.  Typically, U5 and U7 teams will remain "in-house", meaning they will only play other Jarvis teams in Jarvis (we have multiple in these age categories which is fantastic!!).  U9 and above, will have a regular season schedule playing host in Jarvis, as well as traveling to Port Dover, Cayuga, Fisherville, Oshweken, Hagersville, Caledonia, and/or Dunnville.

If I have a Grievance/Complaint about Jarvis Minor Ball, a Coach, a player, or other which is serious - what do I do?

Jarvis Minor Ball takes seriously any grievance that a parent, coach, player, or executive may have. There will be a grievance committee formed to deal with any issues that may arise. This committee consists or two Executives, two Coaches, and one Parent Volunteer. Replacement will be made if there is a conflict of interest. Grievances are to be accepted in writing ONLY.

Grievances may be mailed to:
P.O. Box 813, Jarvis, ON, N0A 1J0
or dropped off in a sealed envelope at the Jarvis Minor Ball Booth, located at the southeast corner of the Jarvis Lions Community Centre

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