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Ready to join a Football Toronto Committee? 

Contact us if you'd like to join one or more of our committees. Click here for the current list of our community. 

One-League Committee

It's time to unite. For far too long, there have been too many separate high school football leagues in Toronto. This committee is focused on creating one united league in the City of Toronto by 2023 and eventually in other parts of the GTA such as Peel, York Region and Durham. A united league that encompasses public, private and Catholic high school football will increase competitive opportunities and ensure a strong, stable football league community for decades to come.

Coaching Development Committee

Simply put, we need more coaches. This committee's first mission is to simplify and expedite the process to bring more community coaches into high school football, including identifying and training new coaches.

Media & Marketing Committee

Focused on promoting the game, its athletes and coaches. This committee is spearheading our outreach and promotional activities, including earned media,, social media and streaming.

Events Committee

This committee will build and execute a plan for Football Toronto's in-person activities year-to-year. We are bringing the football community together with a wide-range of events including an annual dinner, all-star games, clinics, combines and socials. Ensuring these events are free to low-cost is a key goal of this committee so we can reduce barriers for players and participants.

Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorship & Fundraising Committeee

With a target fundraising goal of $50,000 in year one, this committee develops and cultivates capital from Canada's wealthiest city. Focused on cultivating each capital raising channel, this committee will promote and access their networks to highlight the importance of financially supporting all levels of contact football in Toronto.

Awards & Hall of Fame Committee

Football in Toronto has rich history and our city continues to produce the most professional football players per capita in Canada. This committee will organize, preserve and promote this rich tradition by recognizing past and current members of the football community.

Team Members
George Gretes
Peter Harris
Vanessa Leslie
Director of Development