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Shady Side Academy HS Mellon & Curry Parking and Directions

1. The Mellon and Curry gym are at the Senior School and are side by side, separated by a double door.
2. Once you are in the Senior School complex, follow it up the hill and back down the hill on the other side, traffic signs
and flow will lead you. When you come down the hill, turn left in front of the football field. Drive to the end of the parking lot and park there. 3. Enter the nearest doors and go up to the second floor.
4. The Mellon gym is on the top floor on the right as you stand with the Football Stadium at your back.
5. To get to the Curry gym, Follow the same directions, but DO NOT walk into the Mellon gym. Instead enter the older Curry gym by coming in the entrance on the left as you stand with the Football Stadium behind you. Come up the steps to the top floor.
SHADY SIDE has requested that we do not enter the Mellon to go to the Curry, or the Curry to go to the Mellon gym

Shady Side Middle School 

is located on Squaw Run Road East. Just off Fox Chapel Road by the Fox Chapel Golf Club golf course. Turn into the Middle School complex and drive up the driveway. Turn into the first parking lot on your right, or the two at the top of the hill. Walk towards the courtyard area and up the steps on the right. The gym is inside immediately on your right as you enter. DO NOT park anywhere in yellow below and don't block driveways.

O'hara Elementary School

is located of Cabin Lane Road off either Powers Run Road or Timberlane Dr near the Fox Chapel High School. Make either a left or right into the school and the gym is located on the rear right hand side when you pull in. Parking is clearly marked.

Kerr Elementary School

***Fans Must bring their own chairs***
Enter through the main entrance to the school for practices during the week.  Make a right down the hallway and the gym will be down the hallway a short ways on your right.
Weekends: For games on the weekends, DON'T GO TO THE FRONT DOOR! Instead, walk toward the playground on your right, and follow that walkway which now turns left, back to a visible door. Enter there by the gym. Doors unlock just prior to our rental.

Fairview Elementary School

Enter the parking lot from Dorseyville road and stay to your right. There is a metal gate that should be open, drive through the gated area and towards the back of the school with the school on your left. You will see playground equipment and basketball hoops on the paved roadway. Park where you can find a spot once the paved area has expanded in size. The entrance to the gym is the door straight ahead as soon as you round a slight bend in the driveway area. Gym is the first door on the right inside the building. The door unlocks just prior to our rental.

Dorseyville Middle School

Enter from Saxonburg Blvd.  Come down the driveway and DMS will be straight ahead, slightly to your left.  Turn right at the stop sign, and then a quick left to park on the right side of the school.  To enter the gym, you will come in the doors on the right side of the building, about half way down the building toward the soccer field.  Enter there, walk to the corner, and turn right. Then down that hall, and the gym will be on your left.  Doors unlock just prior to our rental.

Hartwood Elementary School

Enter from Saxonburg Blvd.  Come down the driveway and Hartwood is the school on your right.  Turn right at the stop sign, and go straight back, staying to the left of the school.  Don’t park in the main “front” lot for the front entrance to the school.  Instead, drive past the main entrance to the left,  Drive through the metal gate, playground will be on your left, school building on the right.  Park on either the left or right side of the parking lot.  Gym entrance is to the right of the dumpsters, in the corner..  Enter the building and proceed up the stairs then make a right and the gym will be on your left.  Doors unlock just prior to our rental.

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