Fox Chapel Winter League Basketball
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Winter League 3v3 Rules (circa 2010)
TOURNAMENT OVERVIEW                                                        
Revised 2-10-2023
You can download a copy HERE

  • Age Group Commissioner, “AGC”, will host tournaments and create and post brackets inside the gym.
  • AGC will act as tournament Director.
  • AGC will determine all team rosters based on draft ratings, and may adjust them as needed in the best  interest of the tournament, and in the case of inaccurate ratings. 
  • A Bracket: will be 0, 1 and 2 rated players. A Players MAY NOT participate in the B Bracket where 3, 4, and 5 players play Absolutely ZERO, Exceptions!

  • Play is 3 versus 3, with a maximum team roster size of 6 (Note B Players may also play in the A bracket if coaches so choose).
  • Only registered Winter League players from that age group may participate.
  • Each player should play a minimum of ½ of each game based on the honor system. There is no maximum playing time limit, and this is not tracked, or challenged.
  • Tournament is Pool Play with a 3 or 4 game Pool, followed by semi’s and finals.
  • NFHS/PIAA basketball rules apply unless otherwise noted, including 3, and 5 second violations.
  • ALL DEFENSIVE RESTRICTIONS ARE OFF for restricted age group, 1st-6th grades
    including double teaming, back court defense, pressing,  etc. 

  • GAME is a single period with NO half time
  • GAME PLAY Side to Side, Full Court, on 2 hoops
  • GAME LENGTH 8 minutes in length.
  • GAMES COMMENCE - on the ¼, ½, ¾ and full hours only.
  • CLOCK STOPPGE last 30 seconds of game, and OT on all whistles, and during timeouts.
  • TIMEOUTS each team has 1-30 second time per game, TO’s carry over in OT.
  • JUMP BALL, to begin and then alternating possession.
  • UNIFORMS Every Effort should be made to wear your regular winter league jersey
  • LINES referees will announce & confirm all boundary lines i.e., 3-point lines if marked.
  • BACK COURT Shady Side MS has no timeline, therefore 10 second count/ over & back will not be called.
  • 3 POINTERS will be counted where lines are clearly marked. and designated
  • SUBSTITUTIONS may occur on any whistles, with referee permission, but only on a whistle.. Players should run on and off the court quickly as the clock does not stop. Referees should allow all substitutions unless teams are stalling. There is NO Subbing on the fly, or on a made basket.
  • BEHAVIOR Referees will enforce behavior rules and may eject players, coaches, or spectators at their  discretion for the balance of the game, or tournament if necessary.
  • 1st OVERTIME 1 minute in length, and is not sudden victory.
  • 2nd OVERTIME  If tied after 1st OT. 2nd OT, is sudden victory, 1st to score wins. After the 2nd OT, games end in a tie.
  • OT in Semi’s and Finals - no sudden victory. Continue playing until there is a winner.


  • NO ONE FOULS OUT Team Fouls Tracked ONLY, Individual players NEVER foul out..
    1. Single Bonus @ 4 team fouls 
    2. Xtra Bonus @ 8 team fouls


FOUL ON 2 PT. SHOT ATTEMPT NOT MADE – Single Foul Shot worth 2 pts

FOUL ON 3 PT. ATTEMPT NOT MADE - 1st shot worth 3 pts (if applicable)

FOUL ON 2PT or 3PT ATTEMPT W/GOOD BASKET - Single Foul Shot worth 1 pt

TEAMS IN SINGLE BONUS: 1 shot worth 2 pts
TEAMS IN XTRA Bonus – 1 shot worth 2 Pts, Plus possession at ½ court.


1 - Overall record
2 - Head-to-head (only compare head to head if all tied teams played each other)
3 - Head-to-head point differential, (if teams split their 2 head-to-head games)
4 - Least points allowed in entire tournament
5 – Most points scored in entire tournament
6 - Coin flip