Fox Chapel Winter League Basketball
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1ST & 2ND Grade Overview Guidelines & Rule Adaptations
​​​​​​​Updated 12/20/2022
You can download a copy HERE

  • Teams play an 8 game schedule, plus a year end Round Robin
  • Kindergarten players are allowed to play, but due to size we do not advertise it.
  • Basketball hoops will be lowered to 8.5’-9’ depending on players height and strength.  Goal is to allow them to shoot properly, but not throw the basketball at the hoop.
  • Boundary lines - White lines  at O’Hara, except on the baselines, where the bleachers or wall are out of play
  • Over and back is not enforced
  • Defense must back up to the red line closest to the top of the key, near the arc, which the referees will clearly denote.
  • All Violations are given back to violating team for the 1st 5 weeks of the season – i.e. Violation is called, NOT made a Turnover.
  • All Violations will become turnovers in weeks 6-8, and during the year end Round Robin.
  • No Foul shots are taken on Shooting Fouls, ball is given back to the offense at the spot of the foul unless the basket is made, at which time, the score keeper will be instructed to add a 3rd point.
  • Fouls are not reported to the table, and players do not foul out. However, persistently hard fouling players may be asked by either the officials, or the coach, to sit with their coach for time for proper instruction.  Minimum playing rule can be waived to accommodate this situation.
  • Flex Schedule: After 5 weeks, AGC will rework the game schedule to balance the teams into 2 or 3 divisions based on record, and scores.  Goal is to try and achieve more balanced scores during the 2nd half of the season and year end Round Robin.
  • Volunteers are needed each week to run each of the two scoreboards in the O’Hara gym. 
  • Courts are listed as follows: Court by interior gym doors, and Court by external doors (by corner exit door)
  • DO NOT ENTER by external/corner door - that is an exit only door!!!