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2024 Charleswood broncos registration information

registration involves 3 steps detailed below. There is an online and in-person portion of registration.
Step 1: Register online with the manitoba minor football association (mmfa)
step 2: print and review relevant documents, fill out 2024 registration webform on this page
step 3: Attend in-person to finalize registration

Step 1

Register online with the MMFA.

All fees are detailed upon registration. Crunchers are $340 plus processing fees, Atom, Peewee, and Bantam are $440 plus processing fees.

Click for the MMFA Registration Guide (link below is on last page of the guide)

Click for the main MMFA Registration page.

Step 2

a) Print, and bring to in-person
b) Review these 3 pdfs
c) Fill out 2024 Bronco Registration Info at the bottom of the screen (will need to fill out for each player you're registering). 

a) Print the Football Manitoba Code of Conduct document and bring that with you to the in-person for collection. 

Football Manitoba Code of Conduct

b) Review the following:

2024 Concussion Protocol
2024 Equipment Agreement
2024 Volunteer Agreement

c) Fill out the 2024 Registration Info webform below Step 3.

Step 3

Attend in-person registration on one of the following dates:

 Thursday, May 2, 2023, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm
Friday, May 3, 2023, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm
Saturday, May 4, 2023, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

What to bring to in-person registration?

  1. Confirmation/receipt from Football MB online registration - Will accept viewing a pdf receipt on your phone. 
  2. Report Card, if registering using schools of choice (schools can not be in an ‘open’ catchment)
  3. Manitoba Health to confirm players' birth date
  4. Registering parent/guardian government-issued ID to confirm the address for catchment verification
  5. 1 cheque or credit card on file for Volunteer Bond $200.00, payable to CBFC, post date October 15, 2024
  6. 1 cheque or credit card on file for Equipment bond of $300.00, payable to CBFC, post date October 15, 2024
    Payment methods accepted: Cash, debit, or credit
  7. Signed copy of the Football Manitoba Code of Conduct
    Note: Cheques are only accepted as post-dated assurances for the Bonds. Any other in-person fees can be paid via debit, credit card, or cash.

NOTE: If you have any outstanding fees or bonds from previous seasons, these will need to be paid prior to registration being accepted.

The 2024 Registration Information webform must be submitted prior to attending an in-person session. Documents will be printed ahead of time so that we can get a wet signature to confirm the info entered on the webform. Failure to do so could result in having to fill out the manual forms on site before registration is accepted.

2024 Registration Information

Please review all documents on the registration page before proceeding. This electronic registration is a requirement prior to in-person registration.

Player Information

First Name *

Last Name *

Date of Birth *

Primary Street Address *

Primary Postal Code *

Primary Contact Number (no spaces or dashes) *

Primary Email *

Division *

Family Information

Primary Contact Full Name *

Primary Contact Relationship to Player *

Primary Contact Address (if different than player)

Primary Contact Number (if different than Player - no dashes or spaces)

Primary Contact Email (if different than Player)

Secondary Contact Relationship to Player

Secondary Contact Full Name

Secondary Contact Address (if different than Player)

Secondary Contact Phone (if different than Player - no dashes or spaces)

Secondary Contact Email (if different than Player)

Any other important info related to player or player contacts

Player Medical Info

Player Height (Inches or cm)

Player Weight (lbs or kg)

Emergency Contact Info (please only include any persons not included in the last section)

Player Doctor Name

Player Doctor Phone (no dashes or spaces)

Player MB Health # (6 digit) *

Player PHIN (9 digit under name on MB health card) *

Has the player sustained any of the following injuries? (check all that apply) *

Has the player ever sustained any minor or major sports injuries? *

Has the player ever been diagnosed with any of the following? (check all that apply) *

Does the player wear? (check all that apply) *

When did the player last receive a standard immunization? *

Please list all the medications the player takes on a regular basis

Please list any medications the player should have access to on the sideline? (required answer, put none, if applicable) *

Is the player able to self-administer any medications required on the sideline?

If, "no" was indicated in the last question, who is able to administer?

Does the player have any allergies? *

If yes, please elaborate here

Concussion Protocol

Please review the 2024 Concussion Protocol pdf prior to answering

The player and at least one parent have reviewed the 2024_Concussion_Protocol.pdf file posted on the Charleswood Broncos website registration page. *

Full Name of Parent/Contact that reviewed the document with the player *

Volunteer Agreement

Please review the 2024 Volunteer Agreement document before proceeding.

Primary Volunteer Contact Full Name *

Primary Volunteer Contact Email *

I have read the 2024_Volunteer_agreement.pdf on the Charleswood Broncos website. *


After reading the 2024 Volunteer Agreement, I'd like to: *

any cheques should be made payable to the Charleswood Broncos Football Club

Equipment Agreement

Please read the 2024 Equipment Agreement before proceeding

Equipment Agreement Primary Contact Full Name *

I have read the 2024_Equipment_agreement.pdf on the Charleswood Broncos website. *


I agree to take responsibility for the equipment the player receives, including returning all equipment in clean and reasonable condition. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the $300 equipment bond. *


I also agree that any equipment used outside of Club sanctioned activities will result in the forfeiture of my $300 Bond. *