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Registering your child for a contact sport can be a scary prospect. Justfifibly, your first concern is your childs safety.

It's our concern too! Not because we say so, but because Football Canada says so. 

Youth and amateur football in Canada is highly governed. Football Canada is the ultimate authority on rules and conduct, including safety and coaching requirements. Goverance of rules is filtered through provincial authorities, for us that's Football Manitoba. They are responislbe for ALL organized amateur contact football in Manitoba. The Manitoba Minor Football Association (MMFA)  is the Football Manitoba member that runs and governs the leagues our teams play in. As a Member in good-standing of the MMFA, we MUST abide by all the rules they set, as well as the rules set by Football Manitoba, and Football Canada. 

Some of our safety requirements:
  • Equipment. To enusre that our players are using Football Canada approved equipment, the MMFA provides us with all required safety equipment (helmut, shoulder pads, pants, mouthguard). 
  • The MMFA provides us with NOCSAE certified helmuts.
  • Our Coaches are required to have specific NCCP certification (Broncos Coaches Requirements). 
  • All teams MUST have a MATA, CPR, and First Aid certified Trainer on the bench for every game. The team Trainer, not Coach, has the ultimate authority on player safety decisions.
  • All Team Staff members must complete the Sport Mantioba course, Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders.
  • Additional character screenings for Team Staff as required by Football Manitoba.

We don't ignore that putting your child in contact sports presents risk . We mitigate that risk by:

  • Providing well fitted, and properly certified safety equipment.
  • Engaging in proper due dilgience for our Team Staff.
  • Requiring Coaches to be trained on how to teach Safe Contact.
  • Putting player safety decisions in the hands of the Trainer.​​​​​​​ 

Ages Groups

The MMFA runs leages in 4 different age divisions:

U10 Crunchers - Ages 8&9
U12 Atom - Ages 10&11
U14 Peewee - Ages 12&13
U16 Bantam - Ages 14 & 15

Our website has more information about each group under Our Programs

While we will offer registration for all age categories, due to MMFA minimum roster and Team Staff requirements, we can't gurantee that we will meet the requirements for a team.  Any players that register for a team that doesn't form will be offered the ability to transfer to another Club. 

Season Length / Structure

The season will run from mid-late July to late October/early November:
  • Practices Start: mid-late July
  • First Game: typically mid-August
  • Regualr Season Ends: early-mid October
  • Playoffs End: late-October / early-November
  • Awards Banquet: mid-late November

In the past, we have run an optional conditioning camp in July.

Out teams practice 2-3 times/week for 1-2 hours/practice and play 1 game (typically but not exclusively on weekends). 

Teams play around 7 games. Any home games would require parent volunteers (more info below). Parents are responsible for travel to and from practice and games.

Registration / Cost

Our Club is a non-profit that strives to keep fees as low as possible while also ensuring we can operate a succesful Club.

Our registration process does involve an online portion and an in-person portion. The in-person is typically conducted in mid-late May. 

NOTE: Any costs quoted below are based on 2024 actual and projected.

There are a few different costs for playing football on a Broncos team in the MMFA:
  • $440 Base Registration Fee ($330 for U10 Crunchers)
  • $130 Mandatory Fundraising (can be recouped)
  • $200 Volunteer Bond via Credit Card or Post-Dated cheque. (only charged/cashed if Volunteer Credits are not fullfilled).
  • $300 Equipment Bond via Credit Card or Post-Dated cheque. (only charged/cashed if equipment isn't returned or damaged outside of normal wear are not fullfilled).
  • $50-150 - Proper footwear (players may be required to purchase specific socks)

In addition to that, some optional costs are:
  • Fee for parents and additonal children of year-end awards
  • Fee for parents and additional children if invited to a Bomber Game
  • Mouthguard if the Club provided one isn't preferred

While football continues to be a relatively affordable sport, it can still be prohibitive for some families. 

The Charleswood Broncos, MMFA, and Football Manitoba want to ensure that all children that want to play, get an opporutnity. If you require financial assistance, you may qualify through KidSport or Jumpstart. If you require financial assistance, Contact Us for more information on how to apply for either program. 

Volunteer & Fundraising

As a non-profit, fund-raising and volunteers are integral for the successful operation of our Club. 

Our Board are all volunteers and are happy to do so, but in order for the successful operation of our Club, we need parents to help. 

In our fees, you are charged a fundraising fee. This fee gurantees are Club a specific amount, based on registration numbers. The good news is, in the past you've been able to recoup that fee. Our 2024 Volunteer Agreement on the Registration page details what's required. We are working on providing a page on the site to house that info too. 

You are also required to provide a Volunteer Bond. When your child registers with a Broncos team, you are agreeing to volunteer for specific activites that aid in the game day operations of our teams. Information is available on our Volunteer page. If you don't fulfil the required amount of credits, you forfeit your Volunteer Bond. 

While our Club could use that money, your volunteer time is far more valuable. 

I'm in! What Now?

2024 Registration for all programs is now live!

  1. Register Online and fill out associated forms (details on registration page)
  2. When you register you will be creating (or utilizing an existing) TeamLinkt account, this will be the Clubs and teams communication method. 
  3. Print Football Manitoba form and fill out the 2024 Bronco Registration info webform. Bring that and other items to in-person registration in early May. 
  4. Attend the season opening social
  5. Attend Equipment Fitting Sessions (typically held in June)
  6. Some equipment will be provided on site, some will need to be ordered and picked up at a later date
  7. Enjoy the season!