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How to Become a Blue Ridge Youth Volunteer

BRYA is always looking for support and committed volunteers to make each function of the association run smoothly. We as a board know that the success of the association primarily falls on YOU, the parents, grandparents, and guardians. We as an association will continue to respect this fact, and will continue to reach out to you all for support in areas of need. Some of these areas that we will be looking for help from volunteers are below:


  • Field Setup
  • Water Station Setup
  • Concessions - Cooking, Selling, and Preparing
  • Clock Operator
  • Public Address Announcers
  • Trash Pickup
  • Gate - Tickets, Admission, Shoutouts, and Apparel Sales
  • Runners - Helps with shoutouts and wherever else needed
  • Sideline Chain Crew


  • Setup/Breakdown of field equipment
  • Selling of any snacks/drinks/candy
  • Selling of any merchandise on hand


  • Football Coaches - 5 coaches are needed per team to run efficiently.
  • Cheerleading Coaches - 2 coaches are needed per team.