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The Blue Ridge Youth Association (BRYA) has been around since 1964 serving the great Blue Ridge community and providing your children a place to learn, thrive, and play his/her favorite sports. Over the past few years, the BRYA has evolved into offering and specializing in the sports of football (flag/tackle) and cheerleading.

BRYA is apart of FYFL (Foothills Youth Football League). To be apart of this great group the youth association has to be a "true" feeder into the community's local high school. We support Blue Ridge High School and strive to direct our style of play, fundamentals, and mission toward that of the coaching staff of the high school. We partner each year with Blue Ridge High so that when our young players reach junior varsity, and varsity teams its just a point of fine-tuning their skills on Friday nights.

BRYA also makes constant efforts to make sure that our registration fees stay affordable. The youth association also has prided itself on being the only association to provide equipment to its players at no extra cost. The upkeep on shoulder pads and helmets can be costly, but we gladly take on this burden to provide the most cost-effective and most hassle-free playing environment we can offer.

BRYA also offers a scholarship program to any youth players that may need financial assistance. We look forward to having you play with us each year, and hope that it is a great experience!