The membership fee for the 2021 season will be $650 with an early registration discount of $50.

Two fundraiser opportunities per year will be provided to help offset the cost of dues.

Costs go to:

- Coaching Staff Salary and Expenses

- Practice Field Rental

- Game Field Rental

- Game Referees

- Athletic Trainer for each game

- MSLA Dues

- Varsity Jamboree

- JV Tournament Entry Fee

- Replacement Equipment such as goals, nets, balls, etc. - Website and TeamCaller Service

- Game Film

- Banquet and Awards

- Senior Night Awards


Each player must also provide a $200 Uniform Deposit. All checks should be post-dated for June 1st 2022. All checks will be held until the end of the season. When all uniforms have been returned in good condition, the check will be returned to the player or will be shredded if desired. No uniform items will be issued to a player until a deposit check has been submitted.

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