Wentzville Lacrosse Club
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Players are expected to carry themselves as responsible members of the community while they are representing the Wentzville Lacrosse Club. The expectations and requirements for each player who joins The Club are as follows:

- Refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, vaping, and illegal drugs

- Behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Arguing with coaches, parents, fans, or the referees is prohibited.

- Refrain from profane language or gestures

- Maintain proper respect for authority, including coaches and referees at all times


Those players who fail to maintain these standards will be subject to extra conditioning, suspension from the team, or expulsion from the team. The Citizenship Guidelines used by the Wentzville School District will be referred to as necessary. The Club Board and Coaches reserve the right to extend recommended punishments outlined in the Citizenship Guidelines if the violation is deemed extreme in nature.


Likewise, parents are expected to act accordingly. Parents will not heckle or verbally abuse referees, coaches, opponents, or other fans. We strive to be a model organization within the St. Louis Lacrosse Community. So let’s all do our part.