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Welcome to WOLFPAAC

In April of 2022, on the heels of a successfully run 4-week program at Centrefield sports, programming that received multiple media outlet coverage, Women’s football came to London in a real and welcomed way.  Building off the successful LJM framework and name recognition, in advance of hosting the 2022 Ontario Flag Football Provincials, this momentum carried forward to a large contingent of girls joining and succeeding in our Spring Flag program. Two of our participants, Jessica Knight, and Kennedy Vanek, were added to the U16 Girls provincial Team to represent both Ontario and by default the LJM organization in PEI this month, where they brough home a Bronze Medal. There is a clear need and appetite in London for “Girls-Only” football.

Jay Kenemy’s vision was of a separate but equal club structure to support both Women’s Flag and Tackle Football and when he asked me to lead this segment for him, I eagerly agreed and while we all miss Jay, his spririt lives on through the creation of WOLFPAAC. With my daughter’s planned and current involvement, I am committed to bring both avenues of play to London’s female athletes. I do believe that the Girls program must run under its own banner in order to build and maintain distinct separation from Boys Football. We need to develop new Leaders and Volunteers for this program; additionally focused on female Coaches, Coordinators, Support staff, Referees and FANS.

World of Ladies Football, Amateur Athletic Combine 

Scott Knight