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ALL FIFA Rules and Regulations apply except where noted

  1. Have Fun!
  2. 7 players per side (6 Field Players + Goalie)
    1. 4 players minimum required to play
  3. Less than 4 results in a forfeit.
    1. COED always requires two female field players on the pitch.
      1. If BOTH Teams have female goalies, only 1 female field player is required.
    2. Must play down if less than 2 females on field.
  4. Field Size
    1. Games are played on a Field 65yds X 45yds
    2. Goal size is 7ft X 21ft
  5. Game Length
    1. Games consist of two 25-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime break.
    2. Clock is Continuous.
      1. Time can be stopped for excessive delays, to the referee’s discretion.
  6. Substitutions
    1. Substitutions occur on the fly.
      1. The referee has authority to stop subbing on the fly if deemed necessary.
        1. Subbing would revert to any stoppage in play if required.
  7. Each player must wear same colored jersey.
    1. Shirts are provided by the league.
  8. Free Kick required distance is 5 Yards
  9. Penalty Kicks to be taken from the top of the goal box.
    1. There is no rebound allowed.
      1. If ball is saved, restart is a goal kick
  10. No Offside Rule.
  11. No sliding at all.
    1. Results in an Indirect free kick.
      1. Slides in team’s penalty area is an automatic Penalty Kick.
    2. Slide Tackling results in a direct kick.
    3. Only exception to sliding rule is the goalie in their penalty area
  12. Goalkeeper Rules
    1. No Punting or Drop Kicks.
      1. Results in Direct free kick at the center spot.
    2. No Throwing the Ball over the Midfield Line. It must touch a player or the ground prior to crossing.
      1. Results in a Direct Free Kick where the ball crossed the midfield line.
    3. If Goalkeeper plays ball to his/her own feet:
      1. He/she must leave the box and be established as a field player prior to kicking ball over midfield.
  13. Goal Kicks
    1. The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.
      1. NOTE: ball does not need to leave the Goal box on goal kicks
    2. Goal Kicks may not cross the midfield line, It must touch a player or the ground prior to crossing.
      1. Results in a Direct Free Kick where the ball crossed the midfield line.
  14. Kick-ins in lieu of Throw-ins
    1. Kick-Ins are indirect
    2. Required distance is same as free kicks.


  1. Blue Card
    1. 2-minute penalty; team plays down a player.
      1. Return to full strength if opposing team scores a goal.
    2. The following are automatic blue card offenses:
      1. Slide Tackling Foul.
      2. Swearing
      3. Entering field without shin guards
        1. Second offense is yellow card
        2. Third offense is red card
  2. Yellow Cards
    1. 2 minutes penalty; must play down the full 2 minutes.
  3. Red Cards
    1. Play down a player rest of game
    2. Player is suspended for next game
  4. Violent Offenses Result in elimination from the league.


  1. Rosters and Payment Due Prior to playing First game
    1. 2024 Fee is $600.00 per team
  2. Each Player Must Be registered on Teams TEAMLINKT roster.
  3. Each Player is required to sign a waiver form to be eligible to play.
  4. Rosters Final on 4th week for playoffs
    1. Player must be rostered and play in 4 games to be eligible for playoffs.
  5. Maximum Roster Size is 15 players
  6. No metals studs allowed.
  7. All teams will play a minimum of 7 Regular Season Games
  8. Games Start 06/19 for COED and 6/20 for OPEN.
  9. Playoff format and schedule will be determined near the end of the season.
  10. Standings will be updated weekly.
    1. Tiebreakers
      1. Head-to-Head
      2. Goal Differential
      3. Goals Scored
  11. Playoffs
    1. Same Rules as regular season except for:
      1. If tied after regulation. Tie is broken by 3 Penalty Kicks and 1 for 1 if required until there is a winner.
        1. One of the first 3 kickers must be female.
        2. Player does not have to be on the field at the end of the game to be eligible to take PKs.
      2. First games start at 5:45 To allow adequate time to get games played due to earlier sunset in late August.