•    While enthusiasm and cheering can be inspiring, and it is natural to get caught up in the emotion of the game, spectators should take care to follow proper sideline etiquette.
•    Spectators will refrain from any negative comments towards any players, coaches or officials.
•    Spectators may not argue, yell at or question the coaches and officials during game play. Any disagreement with coaches, officials’ actions or other concern must be brought to an official’s attention, in civil tones and away from sight and sound distance from the players. Spectators may not disagree with referee’s judgment calls.
•    Spectators should refrain from coaching from the sidelines.
•    Spectators must sit or stand at identified areas
•    Coaches have complete and total responsibility for their team’s spectators. Referees will ask coaches to speak to any spectators that are not following these rules. If a coach is unable to control their team’s spectators they will be warned by the referee for first infraction and may be ejected for continued infractions. Continued infractions will cause the game to be called off and forfeited. Officials may ask any unruly spectators to leave the facilities if they cannot conform to the rules as they are here and in the Code of Conduct.
•    Your behavior directly impacts how your players act toward officials, coaches and opposing players. If you become disrespectful, they will as well.