Tri-City Junior Roller Derby
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Welcome to Tri-City Junior Roller Derby

We teach youth ages 9 to 17 everything they need to know about roller derby in a safe and supportive environment. We also welcome youth who want to join practices and learn to be skating and non-skating officials. No experience is necessary.

About levels and games: Everyone starts somewhere! Throughout the session, skaters will learn important skills and the rules of the game. Near the end of each session, they’ll take a minimum skills test. If they meet the minimum requirements and pass the test, they will progress to “level 1.” For safety reasons, skaters are not permitted to sign up for games (called “bouts”) until they have passed their level 1 test. Many skaters take more than one session to acquire all the skills to pass level 1. 

When our skaters play roller derby with others, they play level 1 (no contact), level 2 (mild contact) and level 3 (full contact).

In games as well as in practices, skaters must wear wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, mouthguards, a helmet that covers the back of the head well, and quad skates.

We can't wait to play with you!

New team logo in 2023

Tri-City Juniors is 11 years old, and to celebrate, we have updated our team logo to a Canada Goose.

Why? The Canada goose travels. They work in a pack. When they’re together, they’re pretty noisy. They communicate. They protect their own. They all kind of look the same, regardless of gender. They eat a lot. They work in formation. They are Canadian icons.

Bears? Wolves? Moose? No, the goose is the one animal most of us truly fear. But they look cool.

Designed by former TCJRD skater, Zoe "Katniss Evermean" Peters.