St. Walburg Hockey
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The Coaches and Managers for this years' teams are listed.  If you would like to contact them for scheduling games and tournaments please select their emails to reach out.

U7 - Sheldon Williamson (Head Coach/Manager), Mike Beatty (Assistant Coach), Josh Winiewski (On Ice Volunteer), Susie Gill (Trainer), Jonathan Weibel (On Ice Volunteer)

U9 Blue - Jamie Laboucane (Head Coach), Danae Weibel (Manager), Vanessa Nasby (Assistant Coach), Justin "Stan" Stephenson (On Ice Volunteer), Travis Weibel (On Ice Volunteer), Jonathan Weibel (On Ice Volunteer)

U9 White - Blair Nasby (Head Coach), Justin Novak (Assistant Coach), Chad Stuart (On Ice Volunteer), Nicci Nasby (Manager)

U11- Bryon Gabrielli (Head Coach), Corey McLean (Assistant Coach), Derek "Spankey" Kalyn (Manager), Bryan Bridges (Assistant Coach), Blair Nasby (Assistant Coach), Jamie Jeannotte (Assistant Coach)

U15 (Combined with Edam) - Bryan Bridges (Head Coach), Keith "Buddha" Nasby (Assistant Coach), Duane Larre (Assistant Coach), Bryson Villeneuve (Assistant Coach), Jake Troesch (Assistant Coach), Danielle Troesch (Manager)