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Stonewall gnv dei mission statement

The GNV Stonewall Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee is dedicated to creating an inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ members to participate in a wide array of sports. Through proactive initiatives we will foster community, promote diversity across race, gender, sexuality, age and ability, and encourage engagement within the league and the greater GNV community.

Stonewall national dei mission statement

Stonewall Sports: A community that celebrates all of us.

From its beginnings, Stonewall Sports has had a strong commitment to diversity. Our first four sports offerings were started by LGBTQIA+* players of color in the hope of creating spaces where our commonalities would help us build safe spaces and a stronger community.

Today, Stonewall Sports is proud that our player base comes from various backgrounds and groups to add to the local LGBTQIA+ communities where our chapters reside. Together, we strive to create health and inclusive offerings for all of our players.

We believe diversity is much more an initiative, it is an integral part of our culture. Inclusion must be integrated into all of our practices.

Stonewall Sports, Inc Diversity Statement

Stonewall Sports is a community of LGBTQIA+ players and leaders that celebrates the rich diversity of the communities we belong to. Through our mission to create inclusive, accessible, and highly engaged leagues, we give back to local community non-profits. At our core, we believe that when we band together, we are all able to move forward in a way that celebrates our intersectionality and builds stronger communities. To do this we need players and leaders that give of their time, resources and hearts on and off the field, court, lane, and mat. Join us in building something great!