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Join us for our next big event, The Battle of I-94 against the Twin Cities on Saturday, May 6th at 12pm in St. Cloud!

Help us in supporting TRANSport! All of the proceeds from the sale of our Stonewall Sports - Fargo beanie will be donated to helping their cause. If you're interested on purchases a beanie, click the picture below!


Stonewall Sports - Fargo is a LGBTQ+ community-based sports league that values each player for who they are and what they bring to our community. We strive to develop a well-connected and diverse community through organized competition, social events, and fundraisers to help serve those in need.

Vision: A supportive, diverse community of LGBTQ+ friends, neighbors, and allies that have fun and are committed to social equity and the greater good.

Mission: To bring our LGBTQ+ community and allies together to create a fun, inclusive environment through recreational sports and social activities, and work toward positive change for each other and those in need.

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