My Balls, Your Pockets (P.. 0
Money Shots (Gray) 1
Mon 4/10 7:30 PM
Mind Ya Damn Business! (P.. 1
Monday Night Bible Study .. 0
Mon 4/10 7:30 PM
Le Baton et Boules (Yello.. 0
Mind Ya Damn Business! (P.. 1
Mon 11/10 7:30 PM
Master 8ers (Red)* 1
Money Shots (Gray) 0
Mon 11/10 7:30 PM
Blue Ballers (Royal Blue)
Mind Ya Damn Business! (P..
Mon 18/10 7:30 PM
Call Your Hole (Black)*
Master 8ers (Red)*
Mon 18/10 7:30 PM

Welcome to Stonewall Billiards - a DC-based, adult, recreational sports league that operates as a non-profit to promote an active lifestyle, local community engagement, and a safe space for the LGBT and Allied community to play sports.


League Vision

We believe every person should have the ability to feel comfortable being  oneself in organized sports. Our league will value each player for who they are and what one brings to the league and community. We also believe organized communities have the ability and responsibly to support others in need.



To provide an inclusive, FUN billiards league with a philanthropic heart, that engages with local business and non-profits to serve our local community.

See our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about the league.


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