RISE Flag Football

Girls Middle School Rules

5th/6th and 7th/8th Grade

  • Field is 25 yards wide and 50 yards long, including the 5-yard end zones
  • Games are 6 players v 6 players
  • Two 20-minute running clock halves (2-minute break at half).
  • Each possession starts at the 5-yard line after scores, turnover on downs and/or halftime
  • 30-second play clock
  • The offensive team has three downs to get a first down at mid-field, then 4 downs to score once they have crossed mid-field
  • All players are eligible
  • One coach is allowed on the field for both offense and defense
  • Defensive players can rush the QB from 7 yards off the LOS; there is no limit to the number of players that can rush the QB
  • The defense has the right of way when rushing the QB - the offense must make an attempt to avoid the rusher with exception to the center (see below)
  • The center IS allowed to stay in place and set in an athletic position or run a route where they are orientated to the quarterback
    • The Center cannot set a “pick” with their feet sliding.
    • If they are set before the defensive rusher is in proximity to them and in a stationary athletic position, then that is deemed legal and not a penalty
  • The defensive rusher has a responsibility to not initiate contact with the center if they are in a legal position
  • All other receivers no matter where they are lined up are not allowed to set a pick on the rusher as they are rushing the quarterback - it is the responsibility of all other receivers (excluding the center to avoid the rusher to the best of their ability)
    • **There is some nuance to this - if the referee does not feel the defensive rusher is making a legitimate move toward the quarterback and intentionally initiating contact with a receiver, then that is still a personal foul on the defensive rusher
    • If the defensive rusher is going toward the quarterback, it is the responsibility of the receiver running their route to avoid the defensive rusher
  • The QB can have direct runs across the LOS 
  • On direct QB runs, the defense cannot cross the LOS until the QB crosses the LOS
  • Only players lined up 7 yards away from the LOS can rush into the offensive backfield - on direct QB runs, players lined up within 7 yards of the LOS cannot pull the QB’s flag until the QB crosses the LOS
  • If the ball is handed off, then only defensive players who started 7 yards away are eligible to cross the LOS to pull the opponent’s flag
  • YES, there are runs 5yds from the end zone
  • YES, you can have running plays 5yds from mid-field
  • YES, there are runs on extra points
  • The center can snap sidesaddle or between the legs
    • If sidesaddle, the center must snap the ball directly to the player behind the center
    • There are no trick snaps to other players if using sidesaddle snap.